‘Sister Wives:’ Christine Brown Shares View Of $1M Utah Bachelorette Pad 

Christine Brown Sister Wives

Sister Wives fans suspected Christine Brown was leaving Kody long before she actually did so. Fans also discovered she’d fled from Flagstaff and purchased a $1M pad in Utah.

Christine Brown has been glowing with joy and happiness in all of her recent photos. And, Sister Wives fans agree being single and free of Kody really looks great on her. Recently, however, fans got to see more than just the happiness washing over this TLC personality. They got to see a couple of views of the inside of Christine Brown’s $1M Utah bachelorette pad.

What does the inside of her home away from Flagstaff and Utah look like? Well, here’s what we know.

Christine Brown
[Credit: Christine Brown/Instagram]

Enjoys her life as an Oma

Christine Brown admits her life couldn’t be better. She is currently blessed to live close enough to Tony and Mykelti since she moved to her $1M Utah pad that she can see her granddaughter Avalon. Her Instagram activity suggests she spends oodles of time with this little one. Christine isn’t missing another moment of watching this baby girl grow. In the caption of her photo, she admitted she was enjoying everything being an Oma to baby Avalon had to offer.

The photo itself is just one of many teasing moments Christine has given fans a tiny view into her $1 Utah bachelorette pad. Check out the photo of her and baby Avalon down below.

Christine Brown Instagram
Christine Brown Instagram

Christine Brown gives teasing views of her $1M Utah pad

Christine Brown gave her followers a teasing look into her $1M Utah bachelorette pad in a gorgeous photo she shared on her profile recently. The photo was a promotion of her current business venture with Plexus. Fans took notice of how much weight Christine has lost since dumping Kody. Fans agree being single looks incredible on her.

Her incredible single body wasn’t the only thing fans got to see with this photo. While the background was somewhat blurred out, it gave fans a teasing view of her Utah pad. Behind her stood a very tall Christmas tree. Fans could also see what looked like a doorway to a mudroom and the edge of a kitchen countertop.

Christine Brown Instagram
Christine Brown Instagram

Christine Brown embraces living in Utah

Christine Brown also shared a photo of all of her children and her granddaughter inside of a play yard having a grand time together recently. This photo was a prime example of the many recent Christine decided to dump Kody and leave Flagstaff. She wanted to be closer to her children. She also wanted to bond with her granddaughter.

christine brown instagram
Christine – Instagram

Have you been making attention to the views of her $1M Utah bachelorette pad she’s teased us with on her Instagram profile? Do you think fans will ever get a proper tour of her home? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below.

Allie Johnson


    1. @Gina I literally was about to type the same thing! It is crazy to me the amount of money they have spent on multiple houses in such a short period of time. I think that even Christine’s children look happier than ever, I am glad that she broke free of Kody and his oppressive views.

  1. I don’t understand TCL supporting this man and the disrespect of the women with his it my way or no way. I especially don’t understand these women who settle for this man very rude remarks. Why must Kody name on all the property? Ladies sell the property and control your own finances.

  2. I would be even happier when Meri leaves! He treats that poor woman with so much disrespect it’s disgusting. It’s obvious that Kody only loves Robyn and the others are around only for Kody’s financial security. Jennelle works and Meri has good credit but otherwise he couldn’t be bothered with either one of them.

  3. Kody made the rules to be absurd knowing the other wives who have their own minds would not follow them. So, now he can blame them for their failed relationships, while he makes it with his “puppy dog”, Robin. Christine finally got it……come on Janelle you know its’ true and Mary….He divorced you ..doesn’t even like you! You are all too GOOD for him!
    MOVE ON. PS There is only one person who is going to get you to Heaven…That is YOU!

  4. Let’s not glide by the fact that the babysitter is allowed in the home but NOT your kids and other wives??? But Robin is not making the rules…right. It seems Christine is the only one with her eyes open. Jenelle seems to just be content with doing her own thing. Mary, this man has announced on national TV he is not interested. And I’m not sure if it’s related to the catfish issue but if it is that shows he has no forgiveness in his heart if he is still hanging out over her head. Love yourself first and find your happiness elsewhere. You can still have a relationship with the rest of the family without being a doormat.

    1. Christine’s successful move away from the òppressive noodle-haired nutjob only makes Meri seem even more pathetic. Her simpering, puppy-dog-gazing neediness makes me embarrassed for her. Meri, look at your escapee sister wife; THAT is how freeing yourself from your cold, selfish husband looks. As for Janelle, she literally does not need Kody, although I suspect he needs her. Or, rather, her money. Snake-in-the-grass Robyn is welcome to Kody – she deserves him.

  5. I wish TLC would cut Cody out of the show – let him focus on Robin and her kids – and have the show carry-on with the lives of Meri, Christine, and Janelle (once she decided she’s through) and their kids.

  6. It is Kody’s duty as a husband to have sex with his wives. Refusing Meri and annoying Christine so much that she doesn’t want to have sex with him is no excuse. He is also the “head” of the family church, so that makes him an even bigger sinner and hypocrite.

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