Hallmark’s ‘A Dog Named Indie’ Stars Brittany Bristow, ‘WCTH’s’ Chris McNally

Hallmark, Dog Called Indie-https://www.instagram.com/p/CQLmM-cNt9K/

Here is a little Christmas present for all those Hearties who love Chris McNally. Hallmark is going to air a new movie, A Dog Named Indie.

This movie stars Brittany Bristow (Holiday Date, Love, Romance, & Chocolate), Chris McNally (When Calls The Heart, Riverdale), Jayne Eastwood (Dawn Of The Dead, My Big Fat Greek Wedding), Neil Crone (When Hope Calls, The Story Of Love), Humberly Gonzalez (Maps And Mistletoe, Ginny & Georgia), Stephanie Moore (Degrassi: Next Class, The Hot Zone: Anthrax), Russell Yuen (Neon Nights: Rise Of The Triad Underworld, The Time Is Right), Michael Blake (The Lost Symbol, The Merry Wives Of Windsor), Toya Alexis (Marry Me This Christmas, A Day Late And A Dollar Short), and Nasya Peters (Castle In The Ground, Happy Place).

What Do We Know About Hallmark’s A Dog Named Indie?

On Christmas Eve, Brittany Bristow went to her Instagram Stories to share some exciting news. She wrote “Christmas came early! I am so excited to officially announce that Dog Named Indie will be airing on @hallmarkchannel Spring 2022!”

She shared a photo of herself, along with her co-stars, Humberly Gonzalez, and Chris McNally.

There is not a lot of information about the movie. However, if you look at Brittany or Humberly’s social media in June, they are posing alongside a lot of adorable dogs.

There should be a lot more information in the upcoming months. Spring may likely mean after February.

Hallmark, Dog Named Indie-https://www.instagram.com/britbristow/?hl=en
Hallmark, Dog Named Indie-https://www.instagram.com/britbristow/?hl=en

Hallmark’s New Year New Movies Are Next

Starting On January 1 is Hallmark’s New Year New Movies kicks off with Where Your Heart Belongs. This movie stars Jen Lilley and Christopher Russell. It premieres on Saturday, January 1, at 8 p.m., Eastern.

In this movie, Mackenzie Sullivan (Lilley) is a marketing executive who now needs to help her best friend Olivia (Jill Morrison) with her wedding, as the date moved up. Now it is in two weeks! This means that Mackenzie has to go into power mode to make this wedding happen.

Mackenzie needs to go back to their small, rural hometown  to help with the plans. Unfortunately, Mackenzie will be working side-by-side with Olivia’s cousin Dylan (Russell).

Why is this so uncomfortable? That is because they used to date. However, she soon learns that sometimes things are not always what they seem. Her family supports her more than she ever gave them credit.

Could she be mistaken about anything else?

When Calls The Heart Season 9 Should Premiere Early 2022

Hearties who are excited that Chris McNally will star in Hallmark’s A Dog Named Indie, may also want to know the premiere date of When Calls The Heart Season 9.

Hallmark should make that announcement soon. However, WCTH will likely premiere sometime in February. But the official date should be revealed very soon.


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