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Grayson Chrisley Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

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As bittersweet as it seems, Chrisley Knows Best fans have seen Grayson Chrisley grow up before their eyes. Now 15 years old,  Todd Chrisley’s youngest son was around eight years old when Chrisley Knows Best first aired in 2014. Now, fans see Grayson Chrisley as they’ve never seen him before.

Todd Chrisley’s Youngest Son Is All Grown Up

During the last season of Chrisley Knows Best, fans learn that Grayson Chrisley is growing up. Fans learn that he started his own shoe business. While the young entrepreneur thought he was doing something right, he later found out that his dad, Todd Chrisley, was purchasing all of his merchandise supply.

Also, viewers see Grayson take part in a Chrisley family tradition earlier in the season. Gray gets his first job (thanks to Todd) at a local country club. While he’s there, he sees his friends. Also, his brother, Chase Chrisley, and Elliott Kennedy show up and give him a hard time.

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In an episode of Todd and Julie Chrisley’s podcast, Chrisley Confessions, the doting parents often speak about how mature their youngest son is for his age. Julie shares an example of the fact that Grayson keeps his schedule. Which is an impressive feat considering he has to keep track of filming, baseball, and business meetings. So what’s Grayson doing now that fans have never seen before? Keep reading to find out.

He Knows How To Brighten Up A Room

One of the things that Chrisley Knows Best fans adore about Grayson Chrisley is his personality. TV Shows Ace recently reports on a time when it shined through. While Gray was hanging out in the kitchen with Chase, their dad entered the room. The respectful young man asks his father if he’s in the way, and Todd explains that he isn’t.

Then, Grayson starts making a canoe motion to get out of the way. For some reason, this dance move prompts Todd (in near concern) to ask, “What was that?”

Cooly, Grayson responds, “the canoe,” then puts on a more prolonged demonstration.

One fan even notes that it looks like the baseball player is “fishing or reeling in his line.”

Grayson Chrisley Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

Now, big sister Savannah Chrisley, shares another Grayson Chrisley dance moves gem with fans. She shared the clip on her Instagram Story, but luckily, we could get it before it expired.

Grayson Chrisley enters the room with some pretty sweet dance moves in the clip. Savannah sets the short video to “Run Rudolph Run” by Chuck Berry. Take a look for yourself below.

What do you think of Grayson Chrisley’s sweet dance moves? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Chrisley Knows Best news.

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