Bethenny Frankel Gives Haters An Eyeful, All Wrinkles On Display

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Most of the stars from Real Housewives are all about keeping up appearances. Bethenny Frankel just likes to keep it real. In a new post to Instagram, she shared a picture of herself makeup-free looking happy and healthy. She seemed to let her followers know, she can be real hashtagging the photo with the declaration, “No filter.”

Bethenny didn’t just post a makeup-free selfie. She zoomed in on the wrinkles on her forehead for everyone to see.

Instagram, Bethenny Frankel

She alluded to the fact that people have suggested she has had some work done. Bethenny decided to set the record straight. She said, “When we need a wake-up, no makeup selfie.”

What Did Bethenny Frankel Say In Her Post?

In the post, Bethenny Frankel wears a gray toboggan hat and smiles for the camera. In the second photo, she gets closer to her forehead to show up her wrinkles.

The Real Housewives of New York City star said, “I’ll post these for you periodically to remind you that no makeup and natural is as real as we can be.” Frankel said she hasn’t found a surgery or products to use that can compete with getting enough rest.

Instagram, Bethenny Frankel

Frankel went on to say, “There may come a day that I’ll ask you if it’s time to get some work done, but for today I’m happy just the way I am.”

She addressed the haters letting them know she had no Botox and a wrinkled forehead picture to avoid confusion.

Fans Responded To Her Post

Bethenny Frankel has a lot of fans respond to her post. One said, “People should not be shamed if they decide to have surgery. Just like people should not be shamed if they decide to show their age.”

Instagram, Bethenny Frankel

Another called her out using a back-handed compliment. They said, “Girl you post about your natural beauty every damn day! We get it! You 100% still have fillers but go off!”

A nicer fan said, “What a blessing to be happy just the way we are. There is something very freeing in being genuine. You are a beautiful person.”

The family had been in Vail for the holidays having a bit of winter fun when they got snowed in. Bethenny shared they raced against time to make it back to their house for Christmas because that’s all her daughter wanted. It looks like they made it because she posted the below picture with her pups.

Instagram, Bethenny Frankel

She captioned it, “I think I found two of Santa’s helpers.” Fans loved the photo and commented well wishes for the holidays. One said, “Wow. Gorgeous flowers & pretty pups!! Merry Christmas.”  Another said, “You’ve never looked happier hope you’re having a nice holiday.”

How do you feel about Bethenny’s frankness on Instagram? Do you think it’s a fresh makeup-free face? Comment with your thoughts below.

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