How ‘Yellowstone’s’ Piper Perabo Got Role Of Summer Higgins

Piper Perabo, Yellowstone-

Yellowstone’s Piper Parabo is proof that sometimes what you do in your personal life can influence your role. Despite starring in many series, including Covert Affairs, Parabo was in the news in late 2019. Now, she is Summer Higgins.

This is how she got this role.

How Piper Perabo Got Her Yellowstone Role

Sometimes life imitates art. However, in the case of Yellowstone, sometimes real-life influences who creator Taylor Sheridan chooses to cast in roles.

In Yellowstone, Piper Perabo portrays an environmental activist named Summer Higgins. Summer protests industrialized farming in Montana. She is on her knees. The police handcuffed her.

Moreover, her angelic face has a frown. The police see her as a nuisance and they want to get rid of her. Therefore, they are trying to take her to the first train out of town.

Flashback to November 2019, and actress Piper Perabo was in the news. She, along with actress Diane Lane, who just happens to be the ex-stepmother to Yellowstone actress Eden Brolin, was arrested for environmental protesting.

In one photo, the actress was wearing a winter coat, her hair pulled back. Moreover, she looked like she was just out and about. However, her hands were bound with zip ties, and police were all around her, and the other protesters.

Could there be a coincidence?

Yellowstone, Piper Parabo-
Yellowstone, Piper Parabo-

Dinner With Taylor Sheridan Leads To Role

Recently, Piper Parabo spoke to Taste Of Country. She shared how she had dinner with Yellowstone creator, Taylor Sheridan, and his family. This was not long after the protest.

Parabo revealed that Sheridan wanted to know about all the details.

 It came up at dinner. I had gotten arrested for civil disobedience at this protest, and he was really interested in that, and we started talking about … he kinda wanted to know all the nuts and bolts, and exactly how it works. That’s the kind of storyteller he is. He gets interested in something and just keeps digging and digging and digging.

Six months later, Sheridan approached Parabo. He created a role just for her, and he wanted her to play the role of Summer. She was already a Yellowstone fan, so this was a “dream role.”

Best of all, as a fan, she got to see the Season 4 scripts and know that everyone was ok, especially after that Season 3 finale cliffhanger.  Piper laughed as she confessed that “I could read the scripts and know that everybody was okay!”

I felt really lucky, because I had seen the end of Season 3, where everybody is in danger, you know … Beth and Kayce and John, it seems like you could lose them all at the end of Season 3. And so I was so happy that I joined in Season 4.

Those are some pretty great job perks.

Piper Thrilled To Star In Yellowstone

Piper could not contain her enthusiasm for this role. On July 1, she wrote on Instagram, “I’ve been waiting to tell you this. The new season one of my FAVORITE shows @yellowstone is coming this fall, and I’ll be there. See you at the Dutton ranch. 💥🐎#yellowstonetv.”

Don’t miss Piper Parabo in Yellowstone Season 4. It airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Paramount.


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