‘Outdaughtered’: Hazel Busby Does Next Step To Being A Big Kid

Outdaughtered Hazel Busby Instagram

Seems like it was just yesterday OutDaughtered fans were watching Hazel Busby and the rest of her sisters on TV as babies. Everyone’s favorite little red-headed quint has recently taken the next step in being a big girl! What did Hazel Busby do exactly? And, how old are the OutDaughtered quints right now, anyway? Keep reading for all the details!

Wait, how old are the Busby quints?

The OutDaughtered Busby quints were born on April 8, 2015. This means Hazel Busby and her sisters celebrated their 6th birthday on April 8, 2021. This also means the Busby quints are just a few months away from turning seven years old! Big sister Blayke Busby is growing up fast as well she had her 10th Birthday this past April.

Outdaughtered Instagram
Outdaughtered Instagram

What step toward being a big girl did Hazel Busby take?

According to Danielle Busby’s recent Instagram post, Hazel had a big reason to celebrate. Turns out, she was owed a visit from the tooth fairy! Danielle Busby shared an adorable photo of Hazel with a huge toothless grin on her face. Hazel Busby had lost her third tooth!

The sweet photo and exciting update was liked over 65,000 times with over 500 comments. OutDaughtered fans appreciated these Windows into the lives of the Busby family while they wait for a new season of the series to pop up on TLC. Unfortunately, a new season of the series has yet to be confirmed by the network or the Busby family.

OutDaughtered fans jested this would be a big week for Hazel Busby as both the tooth fairy and Santa would be paying her a visit. One fan jokingly hoped the sandman also paid Hazel a visit so she got some sleep amid all the excitement. Another fan pointed out how expensive the tooth fairy business likely was for mama and papa Busby.

Outdaughtered - Hazel Busby Instagram

Fans Gushing Over ‘Outdaughtered’ Ms. Busby

Overall, most fans just gushed about how much they loved Hazel Busby. They doted on everything from her gorgeous curly red hair to her beautiful long eyelashes. Fans had nothing but love for Hazel Busby in the comments.

Despite being quints, Hazel and her sisters move at very different speeds when it comes to losing teeth. Her sister Ava, for example, lost her first tooth just a few months ago in August!

According to Danielle Busby, Hazel lost her first tooth back in February. She was the second of the quints to lose their first tooth at the time!

Outdaughtered Hazel Busby Instagram
Outdaughtered Hazel Busby Instagram

Can you believe how big the quints are getting? Which Busby quints do you think has lost the most teeth? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on OutDaughtered.

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