Meri Brown Sentimental Over ‘Favorite Guy,’ Says He’s PERFECT

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While enjoying her vacation, Meri Brown got a bit sentimental over her “favorite guy” on her Instagram Stories. And, no, we aren’t referring to her married gay best friend that fans keep mistaking for her boyfriend. We are referring to a different special guy that holds a very near and dear place in Meri Brown’s heart. In fact, Meri Brown described him as “perfect” as she got sentimental about him on her Stories recently.

Who is this special guy holding a very sentimental place in Meri Brown’s heart?

Sister Wives Meri Brown / Youtube
Sister Wives Meri Brown / Youtube


Wait, is Meri Brown single?

The TLC personality sent fans on a frenzy a few days ago when she shared a photo of herself catching a meal with her adorable best friend. Some fans speculated this cute guy might be her new boyfriend. Fans, however, that follow Meri closely know that this man is actually her gay best friend. Moreover, he’s also married.

But, that still doesn’t answer the question at hand. Is Meri Brown single? Technically, Kody Brown friend-zoned Meri on the latest season of Sister Wives. While she seems desperate for any form of attention from her husband, he isn’t interested in being anything more than friends. So, there is room for the argument that Meri Brown is single. But, as far as fans know, she’s still technically married to Kody Brown.

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So, who is this special and perfect guy?

Ok so, we know the special and perfect guy getting Meri Brown all sentimental isn’t her gay best friend. And, we know it isn’t Kody. Who is it that has inspired Meri to pour so much emotion onto her Instagram Stories? Turns out, Meri is actually referring to Mosby.

meri brown instagram

For those who aren’t familiar with the name, Mosby is actually Mariah’s son. Her furbaby to be more specific. But, Mariah has referred to Mosby as her son on Instagram more than a few times. And, Meri? Well, she absolutely adores Mosby.

meri brown instagram

Sister Wives fans suspect Meri was missing her favorite guy pretty intensely this holiday season after she randomly reshared a bunch of old photo memories of him on her Instagram Stories. These were not new or even recent photos of Mosby. In fact, the most recent photo was from 84 weeks ago.

What provoked Meri Brown to get so sentimental about her daughter Mariah’s dog? No one really knows. But, we suspect she was feeling emotional over the holidays.

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