‘Sister Wives’ Evie Brush Handles Latest Event Like A Boss

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Maddie Brush of Sister Wives shared her kids are ready for Christmas. She told her Instagram followers that they were in Oklahoma for the holidays and posted a picture of the two with bright smiles and candy canes.

She took her children to tell Santa Claus what they might want for Christmas. Evie had a surprising reaction to coming face to face with Mr. Christmas himself. While most children break down in tears or even refuse to meet him, little Evie puts on a brave face.

Instagram, Maddie Brush

On the picture of the two kids talking to Santa one follower commented, “Merry Christmas. They’re getting so big. Absolutely beautiful!”

Evie Wasn’t Intimidated By The Bearded Saint Nick

Maddie Brush’s little girl wasn’t intimidated by Santa Claus at all. She stared right at him and didn’t seem scared in the least.

Maddie shared the different ways her kids approached Santa. Maddie said, “Axel practiced for WEEKS what he was going to ask Santa for, when he finally got to see him he said it so fast he had to repeat himself a couple of times!”

Instagram, Maddie Brush, Evie Brush

For her youngest, she said, “Evie was not exactly sure what she thought.” Not all children act the same way when they meet Santa. Lilah Roloff didn’t handle it the same. Like we reported, Tori Roloff shared that Lilah wanted to get away from Santa and cried as soon as her parents walked away.

Fans Loved Seeing Maddie Brush’s Adorable Snaps

Maddie Brush loves to share their Christmas memories with her followers. One fan said, “They are adorable thanks for sharing, and Merry Christmas to you and your family.”

On the Santa picture one wrote, “So sweet! No tears I call that a win!! Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family.” Another fan commented, “Bless! They look so unsure! Haha Merry Christmas to your beautiful family!” Brush also shared her Christmas tree on Instagram as she woke up in the morning and enjoyed her coffee.

Evie Was Featured In A Recent Episode

Evie was featured in a recent episode of Sister Wives as her parents had to make the tough decision to amputate her foot. The granddaughter of Janelle Brown has a condition called FATCO according to Starcasm. One of the symptoms is missing bones. Since she was born without some bones in her foot, they decided amputating it and building a prosthetic would help her live a normal life.

To read more about what Evie went through, you can read this article. You can keep up with Evie and all the other Brown kids on Season 16 of Sister Wives.

Are you surprised Evie wasn’t intimidated by Santa? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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