Lisa Vanderpump & Hubby Settle 250k To Employees For Violating Labor Laws

Lisa Vanderpump And Hubby Settle $250k To Former [Screenshot | YouTube]

Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd reached an agreement with the employees of Pump and TomTom. They will pay them a $250,000 settlement after they were accused of not paying them. The 61-year-old and her 64-year-old husband came to a solution in the class-action lawsuit brought against them. Their former employee Adam Antoine accused the couple and their business of violating California’s labor laws.

Antoine claims they were “not paying wages” or “providing meal breaks” to their employees. He filed the class-action lawsuit in December 2019, which has been ongoing. Vanderpump denied Antoine’s allegations on social media, and so did some of her employees, including Danica Dow. The SUR manager claimed that employees were paid for everything, including breaks.

Lisa Vanderpump and Kenn Todd avoided labor laws?

Antoine has a different story on this matter. He accused the couple, who owns their business Pinky Beverly Hills LLC, of violating the California labor laws. They also own the hot spots TomTom and Pump. Antoine accused them of “manipulating or editing time records to show lesser hours actually worked.”

The former server also claimed that he did not receive rest breaks or lunches during his shifts. Antoine filed the lawsuit on behalf of his fellow employees. Around 153 former employees joined him in the suit. Vanderpump didn’t want the case to end up in court. So, she ended up settling the matter privately. Radar Online obtained the court papers, which reveals the details.

Vanderpump Rules Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump Instagram
Vanderpump Rules Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump Instagram

Antoine explained to the court that both parties reached a settlement. The couple will have to pay upwards of $250,000 among the employees. All of Vanderpump’s former employees who worked for all of the restaurants from December 16, 2015, until now will receive the payments.

“Both parties at mediation had strong positions regarding the certifiability of Plaintiff’s claims, the merits thereof, the manageability of a trial, and the likelihood in recovering civil penalities for aggrieved employees,” Antoine’s attorney wrote in the legal papers.

Former employees will receive a huge payout

Each of the parties listened to the facts that were presented. After going over each of the parties’ facts and closing arguments, they decided to reach a settlement. Neither Lisa Vanderpump nor her husband Ken Todd wanted this case to reach the courts. It wouldn’t look good for their branding.

They also didn’t want the legal proceedings to end up with a prosecution. They felt that the best resolution was to reach a “settlement.” Representatives of the ex-employees said they will receive payments of $87,5000 each. Neither Vanderpump nor Todd has responded about this settlement. They still claim they did not violate labor laws and deny the allegations.

What are your thoughts on Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd’s settlement? Do you agree that the couple violated labor laws? Sound off below in the comment section.

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