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‘600-Lb. Life’ James B. Sheds Light: Why Obese People Become Recluses

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My 600-Lb. Life’s newest cast member James Bedard shed a little light during his episode on what causes obese people to become recluses. As we previously reported, James revealed that it had been over a year since he left his home. Between food delivery and the help of his family, he hasn’t had a reason to leave his home.

But, the conveniences of modern-day technology aren’t what kept him locked inside of his home. Turns out, it was something else entirely. During his episode — which airs tonight — James Bedard sheds some light on why morbidly obese individuals become recluses.

my 600 lb life james Bedard


Why do morbidly obese individuals become recluses?

James Bedard explained that he hadn’t left his home in over a year because of the people in the world around him. Doing something as simple as going to the park felt wildly uncomfortable for him. He pointed out that people around them would give him dirty looks, pass judgment on him. People treated him like he was an exhibit at a virus or a museum. And, this made him not want to leave his home.

my 600 lb life - james bedard

The 600-Lb. Life star’s loved ones told him people were not looking at him. They also tried poking fun at the people he thought glanced at them claiming the people had their own problems. James, however, doubled down on his fears. Talking to the camera, he was a little offended by his family. He pointed out they could not understand. According to James, only someone who was also overweight could understand what it felt like to go in public and have people look at you for not being normal.

Far from the only My 600-Lb. Life cast member to recoil

James Bedard is far from the only My 600-Lb. Life cast member to recoil inside of his home. In fact, most cast members this season have involved individuals who rarely leave their homes. Unlike James, however, some of the cast members did get out of the home to grocery shop. For most cast members, grocery store trips and doctor’s visits are the only time they leave their homes. Viewers suspect James Bedard may have hit the nail on the head with the reason why.

Does judgemental society play a factor in why My 600-Lb. Life cast members recoil inside of their homes for call times? What do you think about what James Bedard had to say? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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