Paedon Brown Reveals Why He Won’t Walk In Kody’s Footsteps

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It appears none of Kody Brown’s adult children are following in his polygamist footsteps. Paedon Brown, son of Kody and Christine, is the latest to share the lifestyle isn’t for him. Life & Style caught a Q and A Paedon did on Instagram where he was asked about his relationship goals. He answered honestly about why he has chosen monogamy and is straying from his parent’s path.

Who Is Paedon Brown?

Paedon is the only son of Kody and his former third wife, Christine. He was featured much more in the earlier seasons of Sister Wives when he was living at home. At twenty-three, he is now a very independent young man, having chosen his own path after high school graduation. His older sisters, Aspyn and Mykelti were on very different trajectories.

Credit: Paedon Brown IG
Credit: Paedon Brown IG

Christine’s eldest daughter, Aspyn was trying to figure out what she wanted out of college. At the same time, she fell in love with Mitch Thompson. His sister is actually in one of the couples featured on Seeking Sister Wife. Yes, she is a member of the Alldredge family so viewers wondered if they would be polygamists. As for Mykelti, she married Tony Padron and they welcomed their first child this year.

Credit: Paedon Brown IG
Credit: Paedon Brown IG

However, Paedon enrolled in the National Guard. Upon graduation, he decided to move to Utah per Life & Style. He now lives about four hours away from where his mom ultimately ended up. When the Brown kids do any kind of question and answer sessions, obviously viewers want to know if they’ll be like their parents. Paedon was extremely forthright and honest in his answers and he has no intentions of being like his father at all.

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Living His Own Life

There was a time when the Brown children did say they might consider polygamy. Now, three are married, two are engaged, and no one is going down that road. As for Paedon, he just saw his parent’s plural marriage fall apart after twenty-seven years. Therefore, when a follower asked if he has chosen polygamy, he responded: “No. I chose not to a long time ago.”

More so, when he was asked why he opted against the lifestyle, Paedon replied: “It wasn’t one big thing, just a bunch of little things.” Though he will not be a polygamist, he does appreciate what his family has given him. He has six brothers with who he is very close. Paedon deems them his best friends which is beyond sweet. Finally, fans were very curious as to how he was faring since his parents split up in early November.

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He admitted he has been away from home for so long, it has not really affected him. someone asked if it is even really a divorce since Kody and Christine were never legally married. “Yes, you marry through the church, and you can leave through the church as well,” Paedon replied. Looks like he’s thought a lot about this decision and as long as he is happy, that is all that matters.

Catch Paedon Brown and the whole Brown family every Sunday on Sister Wives airing on TLC.

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