Jason Duggar Ditches Jim Bob & Michelle During Holidays

Jason Duggar Instagram

Jason Duggar may be distancing himself from the rest of his family amid Josh’s conviction. As you probably know, Josh, the eldest Duggar child, was found guilty on two child porn charges. This has caused a lot of drama and “chaos” within the family. After Josh was convicted and family members issued statements, Jason sided with his sister, Jinger Vuolo, and her husband, Jeremy. They had issued a bold statement, calling Josh a hypocrite and saying that they are worried for his soul.

Now, while most of the family is keeping quiet online, Jason has been spotted in a few holiday pictures and seems to be spending some time away from Arkansas. Does this mean Jason won’t be spending the holidays with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar?

Jason Duggar Instagram

In a new Instagram post on Tuesday, Hilary Spivey, who is Justin Duggar’s mother-in-law, revealed that Jason is in Texas with their family right now. Justin married Claire Spivey in February and it looks like the couple lives in Texas near her family.

Though Jason isn’t courting a Spivey, he spends a lot of time with the family. He’s often pictured with the Spiveys and Hilary interacts with him online. Fans and critics think that she’s taken Jason under her wing amid the Duggar family drama.

Is Jason Duggar spending the holidays with the Spivey family?

Hilary shared a series of photos from their annual church Christmas party. Claire, Justin, and Jason are all pictured. Jason is also in a couple of photos with Claire’s brother.

Hilary Spivey Instagram

While Jason is in Texas right now, it’s possible that he will return to Arkansas before Christmas day. He still has several days to make it back there to partake in the Duggar family festivities. So, he might only be missing some of the events leading up to Christmas back home in Arkansas.

But it’s worth noting that the whole family may not be able to get together for every holiday. Michelle and Jim Bob have 19 kids, plus lots of in-laws and grandchildren. Fans can’t imagine that it would be easy to have everyone at every event. So, it’s possible that the family has accepted that some of the kids might spend the holidays with friends and in-laws.

At this point, it’s unclear what Jason’s holiday plans are. It’s possible he’s separating himself from his family due to the ongoing drama, or maybe he’s just enjoying some quality time with the Spiveys.

So, do you think that Jason Duggar will return to Arkansas before Christmas? Or do you think this is a sign that he’s spending the holidays with the Spiveys instead? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace. 

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