EXPLOSIVE Family Secrets Exposed, Where Does Jennifer Aydin’s Husband Really Sleep?

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RHONJ star Jennifer Aydin has always had a questionable marriage to plastic surgeon Bill Aydin. There have been accusations he has been unfaithful though unfounded. At the same time, she has no problem claiming he sleeps in the pool house when they have an issue. Though they appear to have a happy family, the newly released Season 12 trailer shows all may not be right with the Aydin family.

Jennifer Aydin- Not So Perfect Life

It has been no secret that Jennifer Aydin’s life is far from perfect. Yes, she may have sixteen bathrooms in her New Jersey mansion but she also has a lot of sadness. Her parents had an arranged marriage, being from Turkey. Sadly, they have grown apart and spent a lot of time resenting each other. Therefore, Jennifer made the decision to have her father come live with her. Due to this decision, her mother and she are on very difficult terms.

Credit: Jennifer Aydin IG

Additionally, she has a gay brother whom she is very close to. Yet, her mother still struggles with acceptance. Jennifer and Bill have five kids together but Bill thinks she spoils them in order to get them to do what she wants. The eldest daughter has dealt with bullying issues, which played out on the show. A question of Bill’s fidelity comes up frequently, mainly whenever Jennifer lashes out at one of the women.

She and Margaret Josephs have gone head to head and this is when Marge will throw the cheating dagger. Yet, she will retract it, claiming she is just trying to hurt her fellow housewife. However, Jennifer can fight back big time. She likes to drink and when she does, she can lose her temper with the ladies. More so, she can become an embarrassment, falling all over the pavement at a pool party last season. So, what can be so bad that she and Bill are at the center of the drama for Season 12?

A Family Secret EXPOSED

Just like in Season 11, Margaret is back at it with Jennifer Aydin. This time, she is exposing a huge family secret, according to Heavy. Apparently, Marge is bringing up a rumor from a long time ago that just so happens to be true. Bill was unfaithful to Jennifer but the two worked through it. Unfortunately, it is now playing out in front of the whole world and Jennifer must relive the trauma.

Credit: Jennifer Aydin IG

She also must explain what happened to her five kids. According to her Bravo bio for this year: “Jennifer publicly faces the biggest hardship and insecurity in her marriage when family secrets are revealed and rise to the forefront. After the news is brought to light, not only does Jennifer fight to protect her family but she’s also left to reevaluate her contentious friendship with Margaret.”

In the trailer, released yesterday, Jackie is seen consoling Jennifer during a very hard time. She was the victim of cheating rumors last season so she does not want her to suffer. The worst part is these rumors do not end with Margaret. Catch the new season of RHONJ starting February 1st only on Bravo.



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