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Josh Duggar’s Alleged Bodyguard Reveals Anna’s True Character

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Josh Duggar’s alleged bodyguard has been speaking out about the whole family. Now, he has revealed some interesting details about Anna Duggar’s character. What has he shared so far?

As you may know, Josh was recently found guilty in his child porn case. Since his arrest in the spring, Anna never issued a statement or spoke out about her husband’s charges. While many of his family members shared their thoughts about his arrest and his conviction, Anna stayed silent. Fans are still waiting for her to make a statement, but at this point, it doesn’t seem likely that she will say anything.

Though Anna didn’t say anything herself, sources came out and revealed that she thought Josh was innocent after he was arrested. For months, fans and critics have been trying to figure out how Anna doesn’t know what’s going on with Josh and why she still brought her kids around him after his arrest. Sources even said that Anna was blaming her husband’s arrest on a conspiracy by President Joe Biden.

Even after Josh was found guilty, a source came forward and said that Anna is still standing by her man. The source also said Anna is upset that some of the family members have spoken out against her husband.

Anna was in the courtroom during Josh’s trial and may have heard some of the descriptions of the disgusting content found on her husband’s devices. Fans and critics have come to the conclusion that Anna is naive and that she doesn’t understand what is going on. But now, it looks like she may not actually be so naive after all.

Josh Duggar’s former bodyguard reveals Anna isn’t naive.

Josh’s alleged former bodyguard recently came forward on Twitter, revealing his connection to the family. Then, on Reddit, the alleged bodyguard hosted an “Ask Me Anything” session, allowing the family’s followers to learn more. One critic asked about Anna’s personality. They wrote, “Is Anna as naive and meek in person or was that for the cameras?”

Josh and Anna Duggar

In response, the bodyguard said, “Anna is definitely not naive or meek.”

So, this seems to debunk the explanation for Anna standing by her man. From what the bodyguard said, it seems like Anna understands what’s going on but is still choosing to support Josh no matter what he’s done.

So, does it surprise you that Anna Duggar might not be so “naive and meek?” Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about Anna and Josh Duggar, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. She may not be naive. But to stand by her man is so sick. She has kids with him. She needs to stay home and take care of her children.instead of standing with her husband.what if he did that with one of his own children. Would she still stand by him. She probably would. . Her children need her more then he does. Didnt she just have another baby with this guy. Doesnt the baby need her more. It’s just all sickening. And she upset at his siblings for speaking out. Hah they have every right to speak out. She needs to not be afraid of the duggers #jimbob.. When hes in prison. She needs to take the kids and money and run far far away from the compound. And never look back lol

  2. All Pedophiles must stand justice, as the children are Almighty God’s inheritance. Unfortunately we are seeing all be exposed in all 7 mountains. What we also see is leinency to those that have done the same, often worse than Josh has done based on their political affiliation. Several Top Dems recently charged with even more Demonic actions of Pedophilia they got months not years. All who harm a hair on a child’s head, who cause them to sin shall be cast into the sea with a millstone around their necks. It us clearly written in the living word of God. Josh did not repent of his past sins, as he continued sinning. Many in power, in media, entertainment, corporations, sports, education, and yes even the church are dangerous, evil sexual predators and prey on the innocent and the weak. May God’s will be done. May all who commit these acts be exposed and held to God’s law not man’s.

    1. First let me say Josh didn’t molest any kids he watch child porn . Which is gross . But I believe his family is a cult I think family members are washed . . Makes sense when one sister left she been disowned by the parents so I don’t blamed Anne. But as time goes by Josh is behind bars she might learn to stand on her own feet and away from his family

  3. If the Duggars had family members and friends sign NDAs. I guarantee they made any true bodyguard sign one too. I’d take what this guy has to say with a grain of salt.

  4. I’d say she is unwilling to acknowledge her error in judgement of Josh’s true nature. Also may be concerned she will lose financial support. Sort of like Melania.

  5. 🤣😂🤣😂😡🤬 the b***h is standing by the only thing she believes in and that’s the pedophile’s money.

  6. Some people stand by their vows, and she must be o e of them.
    I could not , sickness and in health, good and bad, but cheating and child porn is unexceptable !!
    I hope that this time away from him that this gives her time to open her eyes.
    May God bring her to that point.

  7. I cannot believe a pastor would council Anna that she is obligated by God to stay married to a man who confessed to doing things of a sexual nature to his sisters then has horrific images of infants, toddlers, and children being abused sexually.

    This man got his rocks off looking at men having sexual contact with infants, he beat off looking at this. There is no dismissing this action. He was found guilty. The jury saw the evidence.

    There are just causes for divorce. Her church cannot be telling her that her “vows” are more important.

    He broke those vows.

    She should divorce him and him never ever see his kids again.

    How would you feel if you were a child and your mother took you to prison to see daddy. Then when you were older you found out why he was there. You’d likely feel violated and unprotected.

    I have no respect for her if she fails to protect her children.

  8. They don’t belong to a normal Christian church. They believe in the teachings of a man named Bill Gothard, and yes, his teachings support staying with someone like Josh. Look him and “IBLP” up and prepare to be grossed out. Oh, big surprise he was also “allegedly” a s*xual predator himself.

    Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you, but the cult she’s in is definitely teaching her this is an acceptable sin.

  9. Remove those kids or at least appoint a someone that can look after the kids best interests. She is as bad as he is. Standing by a man that abused his own sisters, cheated on her and had child porn in his computer. If it’s the money she could take him for everything he has. Her kids need to be protected from their so called father. Abuse is abuse no matter who does it or who condones it.

  10. What I don’t get, if they could tell Josh was looking at Kiddie Porn, why can the go after the people who put those points pictures on the internet? Yes, it is terribly wrong that Josh chose to view Kiddie Porn & how long before he molested a child. But, also,, let’s get that trash off the internet foremost.

  11. The first time he got caught JimBob and Machell were so hard on her and her brother was mad at Josh he tould her come stay at his place. Don’t anyone remember the time none of the Duggers were married and they all gang up on her. May if she got VD she believe . Ha,Ha,Ha,

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