Credit: Jenelle Evans Instagram

‘Teen Mom’: Jenelle Evans Shares Health Update, Asks Fans To ‘Pray’ For Her

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Former Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans took to her social media account on Friday to share some devastating news with her followers. Evans claims that she recently received some disturbing news about her ongoing health issues that she wants her fans to know about.

As previously reported by Tv Shows Ace, the 30-year-old mother of three has been suffering many ongoing health issues for quite some time. Evans, who recently had an appointment with a neurosurgeon in hopes of gaining some new insight into her current medical issues. Evans claims she has been diagnosed with a condition called Syringomyelia.

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Youtube
Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Youtube

Jenelle Evans Health Fears

Evans reveals she has been suffering from fluid-filled cysts on her spinal cord. This causes her to suffer greatly from headaches, muscle weakness, and pain. Jenelle also now fears that the condition may leave her paralyzed and helpless in her home. Jenelle writes an update to her followers Friday, “Haven’t been feeling great lately.”

She also tells her followers that it is possible she will be forced to take more breaks in the near future from her social media accounts, according to  The Sun. Evans wants her fans to know if she is not active it is because she is resting. She adds that “Some days are better than others, but most days are painful.” Evans concludes her post #PrayersPlease.

Credit: Jenelle Evans Instagram
Credit: Jenelle Evans Instagram

While most of Jenelle’s followers appear somewhat sympathetic to the reality star’s pains, many are questioning Evans’ condition. It seems some of Evans’ followers believe Jenelle is crying out for attention. Some feel it is hard to believe she feels as bad as she some days claims. Over the past several months Jenelle has posted numerous photos and videos dancing and drinking.

Daily Pain

Jenelle in the past claims that she is in such bad shape it is leaving her unable to work. Not only have some followers criticized Jenelle’s hard-partying ways, they have also begun slamming Evans for revealing photos of a dirty house and trash-filled yard. Fans feel Jenelle is using anything and everything to draw attention to herself since she was fired from Teen Mom.

Evans claims that she currently makes nearly as much money being self-employed as a social media influencer as she ever did working for MTV’s Teen Mom. It has been a long and somewhat difficult year for Jenelle and her family. In November, Jenelle’s husband David Eason was arrested yet again. Charges at the time included driving with a revoked license and open container/suspicion of DUI.

Credit: Jenelle Evans Instagram
Credit: Jenelle Evans Instagram

Is Jenelle Evans Crying Out For Attention?

However, Jenelle once again jumped to David Eason’s rescue, per The Sun, claiming while David did have his license suspended at the time it was for a seatbelt ticket and unpaid child support payments.

“How do you lose a license from unpaid child support? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Dave had an unpaid seatbelt ticket. In the state of NC they will suspend your license until you pay your tickets off. So it was NEVER revoked, it was suspended for two days,” Jenelle bluntly stated to online trolls. David is set to appear before the judge on February 16.

Check back with us for updates on Jenelle’s medical issues.


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