‘Life After Lockup’ UPDATE: Did Kristianna Come Home To John?

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On the season finale of Life After Lockup, John Miller said goodbye to his wife, Kristianna Roth. After two weeks, she had yet to return to him so he had all but given up. At the end of the episode, each couple had an update. As for Kristianna and John, it said she never returned. He assumed she was off with her sister, Tara yet there was no clear-cut answer. So, what ultimately happened with the couple, and did she ever return? Both have posted updates as to where they stand today.

Love And Life After Lockup

Kristianna and John met when he saw her on an inmate dating website. They clicked right away and she was like no other woman he had ever met. He had been down the aisle a handful of times. However, John did not hesitate when it came to making Kristianna his bride the moment she was released. Upon picking her up from jail, he proposed and had a pickup truck wedding planned. The two got married on the spot.

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Sadly, Kristianna violated her probation and had to return to jail. While she was there, her ailing mother and troubled sister, Tara stayed with John. Tara ended up putting the moves on John which almost crumbled the marriage. Fortunately, Kristanna was able to forgive John when she got out again. Moreso, she accepted his second proposal and they planned an actual wedding.

Life After Lockup Credit: WEtv
Credit: WEtv

With their kids and Kristianna’s mother by their side, the two walked down a real aisle. Finally, Kris was sober and seemed to have it all on her big day. Sadly, her sister was not there and her mother’s health continued to decline. It was a lot for the former addict to handle and she struggled to hold on. The final straw was seeing John reconnect with his sister. Kristianna missed Tara so much more, feared she was using, and would never see the light. Could this cause her to break?

Where’s Kristianna?

John was alerted via the home camera that Kristianna left with her backpack and was picked up by a random person. He has no idea where she went but he believed she went to be with her sister, Tara. His biggest fear was she learned he was the one who told Tara not to come to their wedding. She spent the entire wedding day calling Tara and feeling sad she was not there. However, she had no idea it was John who kept her away.

With his wife gone, he decided to properly mourn her by chopping off his hair in a ceremony. No answer was given as to where she went but Facebook has offered some hints. Firstly, they put they just got married. So, they may have renewed their vows upon Kristianna’s return. Secondly, she has undergone a complete makeover. Gone is the dark hair and in is a youthful multicolored look. Finally, she has a large tattoo that reads “CLYDE” across her chest. As viewers know, she is the Bonnie to John’s Clyde.

Credit: Kristianna Miller Facebook
Credit: Kristianna Miller Facebook

In her postings, she shares how grateful she is to have her husband always by her side. She also talks about her sobriety and losing her job because she is a reality star. Though she and John seem happier than ever, it seems fans will never really know the truth about where she ran off to.

What do you think of this Life After Lockup couple? Do you think they are in it to win it or is there more trouble ahead? Let us know in the comments.


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