Kody Brown Jealous Of Daughter Ysabel’s Height?

Kody Brown and daughter

Many fans do not care for Sister Wives star Kody Brown. Now, they have even more reason to dislike him. Everyone is wondering if Kody is jealous of his daughter’s Ysabel’s height? Keep reading to find out why he could be jealous of how tall his daughter with Christine Brown is.

Is Kody Brown jealous of Daughter Ysabel’s height?

Could it really be possible that Kody Brown is jealous of his daughter Ysabel’s height? It’s very possible and here’s why. Hollywood Life shared the latest preview for the upcoming Sister Wives episode. The preview indicates they will be talking about the period of time following Ysabel’s back surgery.

Recall, Kody didn’t want to travel to be with Christine and Ysabel. She had surgery in New Jersey to correct the curve in her spine. Kody not going for the surgery put even more of a strain on the marriage between Kody and Christine. He didn’t think he should go because of breaking COVID protocols he enacted for the family. Kody noted in the preview that Christine and Ysabel had been gone for six weeks.

He said, “They’ve been gone for 6 weeks. I was very disappointed I wasn’t able to go, but now that it’s done, we’ll see how she’s feeling about it all now.” Christine noted how exhausted she is from having to take care of Ysabel. She also said she shouldn’t complain because this is her biggest and most important job to take care of her babies.

The preview shows them asking her how tall she is now. Kody noted that before the surgery she was never taller than he was. Does it bother him?

Robyn speaks up about being competitive

It was noted in the preview by Robyn Brown that the family is very competitive especially among the children. Height was one thing she said they all compete on. So, since Ysabel had her surgery she is now 5’11” and taller than Kody.

Robyn said, “I feel like a lot of the kids are very competitive and moms are competitive. I don’t know if it’s a polygamy thing or a sense of competition in the family that’s been fostered. I’m not really into it. So height is one of them. Height is one of the competitive points.”

Kody is reportedly 5’9″ and Ysabel now towers over him. He noted how his daughter is now taller than him following her surgery. Does it bother him? Many believe it does since he favors boys over girls and it’s already been noted the family is competitive. Now, he has a daughter taller than him.

Do you think it bothers Kody that Ysabel is now taller than he is? Don’t miss tonight’s new episode of Sister Wives on TLC.

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