Julianne Hough Wows Fans With Heart-Stopping Tricks During Show

Julianne Hough from Instagram

We all know that two-time Mirrorball Trophy winner Julianne Hough is a great dancer. But did you also know that she can perform absolutely fearless tricks?

Julianne Hough brings the action in a spectacular winter wonderland performance

On Instagram, the 33-year-old dancer posted one of her Christmas-themed performances. You can watch that here if you haven’t seen it yet.

Julianne puts on a pair of roller skates and has a fun routine with several other backup dancers, but that’s not where the fun ends. At one point, one dancer whips Julianne around by her ankles. And by the end, she has an absolutely terrifying drop trick.

Julianne Hough/Instagram

“First time putting on roller skates let alone dancing in them, did a death defying trick, burst blood vessels and capillaries in my head doing it (check out my stories) and of course had the best time and would do it all over again in a heart beat! (watch till the end to see that trick šŸ˜³)” she captioned the video.

What did you think of it? Did your heart stop too? This video absolutely highlights Julianne’s abilities as a dancer!

What’s next for the former DWTS pro?

The incredibly talented Julianne Hough may no longer be part of Dancing With The Stars, but she did make an appearance this season. Her older brother, Derek Hough is a judge. She happily filled in during the finale episode when Derek contracted COVID-19 and had to sit out. Many fans loved seeing her back in the ballroom again.

But if she ever did decide to come back as a pro dancer, we could expect a lot of fantastic moves and routines from her.

Julianne Hough/Instagram

So what’s up next for the dancer?

After splitting with her husband Brooks Laich, some fans speculated that she may become part of the Bachelor series.

An insider reportedly toldĀ OK!Ā that ratings for Katie Thurston’s season just weren’t very high. The network might want to shake things up a little bit and a big name like Julianne Hough would really draw in viewers.

ā€œProducers think a big name would help,ā€ the insider reportedly said. ā€œNow that Julianne wonā€™t be returning to Dancing With the StarsĀ this fall, they think people would love to see her somewhere else on the network.ā€

Julianne Hough/Instagram

However, Julianne hasn’t been a regular part of DWTS for quite some time. Is it possible that fans would tune in if she were the next Bachelorette?

Would you like to see the talented Julianne Hough back on ABC? Be sure to let us know what you think. Whether you want to see her on DWTS or The Bachelorette, we want to hear your thoughts. Be sure to leave your opinions in the comment section and follow us online for more.

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