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‘The Circle’ Season 4: What We Know

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Nick Davis

Netflix’s hit reality show The Circle has run for 3 successful seasons thus far. The American adaptation of a British show combines social media and betrayal in a way that’s difficult to resist. The level of fandom the show has garnered after just 3 seasons is a big win for Netflix. It’s well known that successful reality shows can have decades-spanning lives on screen. Just look at CBS’ reality show lineup. Big Brother, The Amazing Race and Survivor all originally aired between 2000 and 2001 and all 3 are still going strong on the air today.

So it’s safe to say a show with that much potential for lifespan has Netflix executives intrigued. They renewed The Circle for a fourth and fifth season shortly after the most recent season announced its winner. But when is it coming? And do we have any other details on what the twist-loving show might have in store?

When Is The Circle Back?

An official release date for Season 4 of The Circle hasn’t been announced yet. However, it seems as though they’re attempting to follow the Survivor model of putting out 2 seasons every year. A spring season and a fall season. If that’s the case, expect Season 4 to hit Netflix sometime between March and May of 2022, with the fifth season coming shortly after the fourth one wraps up. 

Studio Lambert, the production company that makes The Circle, is still actively casting for upcoming seasons.

The COVID Perfect Reality Show

Other reality shows, most notably Survivor and The Amazing Race, were majorly stalled as a result of the pandemic. The international travel and close proximity the shows require were both heavily frowned upon and regulated at the height of lockdown. The Circle has the unique advantage of making isolation its entire premise. Contestants never meet face to face until after the show has already ended. The only real obstacle the production team had to overcome in filming the second and third seasons was the fact that they film in the United Kingdom. They seemed to effectively work around that, however, and Season 2 of the show hit streaming services long before other reality shows like Survivor and Big Brother managed to make it back on the air.

James, a cast member from Season 3 of The Circle

The host of The Circle is Michelle Buteau. An actress and comedian known for her onslaught of jokes she fires at the unaware contestants. Her social media hasn’t seen any Circle related posts since the finale of Season 3 aired. Currently, she’s promoting a movie called Marry Me coming to the NBC-owned streaming service Peacock at the beginning of the next year. After that movie’s promotional cycle ends we’ll very likely start seeing more Circle news coming soon after.

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