Would ‘When Hope Calls Christmas’ Star Daniel Lissing Play Jack Thornton Again?

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Now that Daniel Lissing is in the upcoming When Hope Calls Christmas, fans may wonder if he will ever return to When Calls The Heart.

He recently talked about this possibility as he led up to his role in A Christmas Star, as well as WHC.

What did he have to say?

Daniel Lissing Would Consider Return To When Calls The Heart

Back before When Calls The Heart Season 8 premiered, the cast revealed that the guest star that they wanted was Daniel Lissing. They have made it clear that they would love him to return for a short appearance on the Hallmark show.

But, what about the Aussie-born actor? Would Daniel Lissing consider returning to When Calls The Heart as Jack Thornton?

Speaking to Deidre Behar of Entertainment Tonight, Lissing was asked about him returning as Jack Thornton in When Hope Calls.

He expressed the deep emotion he felt putting on the red serge Mounties uniform. Then Deidre asked him the magic question. “Do you think that the door’s open to return in a more frequent capacity?”

When Hope Calls-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIraMlLHuL4
When Hope Calls-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIraMlLHuL4

Could Jack Thornton Return?

When Deidre Behar asked Daniel Lissing whether or not he would reprise his role as Jack Thornton, he seemed to be open to the idea.

He revealed, “I have been approached in casual ways, from people that are involved with these projects.” He continued as he stared what was told to him. “Like, ‘let’s do something more.'”

Lissing’s response? “If you can give me a good way to do it, that make sense….” He did not elaborate.
However, he did share that “I’ll be open to listening so who knows what will come?”

Could Daniel Lissing And Erin Krakow Star In A RomCom Together?

In this recent interview, Daniel Lissing spoke of working with Erin Krakow on a “Christmas movie, or a RomCom, or whatever” type of movie. However, this is not the first time he has mentioned this. He has even written a script for a Christmas movie.

Back in early 2020, Daniel Lissing revealed to Entertainment Tonight that a couple of years back, he sent Hallmark a”big proposal.” This was for a modern-day Christmas movie with Erin Krakow. This was not long after he left When Calls The Heart.

However, the Hallmark response indicated that it was too soon. They were not ready to bring him in. They seemed to indicate that the fans would not be ready for Daniel to return to a movie.

But, the thought of working with Erin has continued to delight him. His only criterion is that Erin was also keen on the idea.

Hearties, what do you think of the idea of Daniel Lissing reprising his role as Jack Thornton, and walking the streets of Hope Valley in an episode or two?

Be sure to catch the premiere of When Hope Calls Christmas. This premieres on Saturday, December 18, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on GAC Family. In addition, Daniel Lissing’s Christmas movie A Christmas Star has many 2021 encore showings on GAC Family.

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  1. I would love to see Daniel back on WCTH as Jack Thornton. I thought a lot of their story still had to be told. However, I do understand that it was Daniel’s decision to leave. It seems like he is more open to return to the show. I am also looking forward to a Christmas movie that he is doing and I would love to see him and Erin back together in any movies or TV roles.

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