‘Bringing Up Bates’ Star Erin Paine Shares Her Beautiful Home With Fans

Chad & Erin Paine Instagram (KW Bringing Up Bates)

Bringing Up Bates fans are invited to take a peek inside Chad and Erin Paine’s home! The couple shared a home tour on Thursday, showing fans what their entire house looks like. Their small home is just the right size for the family of six, which includes their four children, Charles Steven IV,  a.k.a. “Carson,” 6, Brooklyn Elise, 5, Everly Hope, 3, and Holland Grace, 2. Chad and Erin’s family is growing again with a new addition, Finley Marie, coming in January.

Erin Bates Paine Instagram, Carson
Chad and Erin Paine Instagram

Erin Paine shows off her growing family’s tiny home.

In a new Instagram post and on YouTube, Erin gives fans a peek inside her home. She says that many fans have been asking for a tour, so she decided to film the video and share it. She reveals that their home is just 900 square feet and that it’s a rental. But they’ve managed to make it work.

From the video, it looks like Erin has done a good job of maximizing the amount of space they have. She has several organizational strategies in place, which appear to keep the whole house nice and tidy. While showing fans around the house, she also answers a few of their most-asked questions.

Chad and Erin Paine Instagram
Chad and Erin Paine Instagram

Bringing Up Bates fans love the new home tour.

In the comments section of her post on Instagram, fans and family members are commenting on just how beautiful the Paines’ home is. Erin’s sister, Alyssa Webster, writes, “Cute house tour! 🏡 Love the framed black and white photos!” Kelly Jo Bates, Erin’s mom, sweetly comments, “Soooooooo beautiful!!!” 

Over on YouTube, the family is getting lots of love, too. Many fans are leaving kind and encouraging comments about the size of the family’s home. Others plan to use Erin’s decorating as inspiration for their own houses.

One fan writes, “Your home looks so beautifully put together; LOVE when someone is content with what they have and can make the best of it… that in itself is such a strong lesson that your kids are learning each day – beautiful :)”

So, what do you think of Erin Paine’s home? Do you like how she decorated and makes the most of the small space? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Bringing Up Bates family, come back to TV Shows AceYou can check out the home tour here.

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