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‘The Bachelorette’ Did ABC Spoil Michelle Young’s Big Finale?

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Fans can always count on Reality Steve to spoil The Bachelor and The Bachelorette seasons. He did this again for Michelle Young’s season of the show. However, it seems ABC has actually possibly spoiled the season without Steve’s help. So, what happened and what various spoilers has ABC “accidentally” spilled? Warning! Spoilers ahead!

ABC seemingly spoiled Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette

ABC has seemingly spoiled their own season all without the help of Reality Steve. In fact, there’s been more than one slip-up to indicate spoilers on Michelle Young’s season. The latest spoiler is huge! Keep in mind, Reality Steve has already revealed who won Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette. 

Heavy shared some details about why fans believe ABC spoiled their own season. Tuesday night the fantasy suite dates aired and one of Michelle’s final three men was sent home. As it turns out, Joe Coleman was the man who Michelle decided she didn’t see forever with. So, the two men remaining are Brandon Jones and Nayte Olukoya.

Now, on to ABC spilling a spoiler all on their own. Following the fantasy suite dates a preview for next week’s season finale aired. In the preview, a man is seen holding an engagement ring. No biggie right? Wrong. Apparently, Nayte has scars on his hand that were the same scars as seen in the preview.

Michelle Young via YouTube 2
Michelle Young via YouTube 2

Of course, fans were questioning if Steve was right in saying Michelle and Nayte get engaged. Now, many believe he was in fact correct. The topic has been huge on Reddit. One person said, “After careful examination of all the F3’s hands (thumb shape, scars), I am 99.9% sure it’s Nayte holding the engagement ring in the finale trailer.”

Another fan said, “Someone posted last week that the scars on the finger match Nayte’s scars exactly, and they showed side-by-side pics. So ya it’s def him.” Still another said they were shocked producers would share something in the finale preview that made identifying the winner so easy.

Another slip-up during this season was showing Brandon in previews that indicated he at least made it to the final three.

Are they still together?

As of now, Reality Steve believes that Michelle and Nayte are still engaged today. However, nobody will really know until the After the Final Rose airs following Michelle’s finale. She will most likely also address Brandon on the special.

What do you think about ABC spoiling their own season? Do you like that Michelle picks Nayte?

Stay tuned for more updates and to see if this proves to be correct!

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