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It’s been a while since 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On fans have heard from Michelle Duggar. Now, the mom to 19 has finally surfaced. Before this, she was last pictured on Thanksgiving Day alongside her children who were helping her prepare the meal for their large family gathering. Until she was spotted in the family’s holiday photos, fans were wondering where she was.

It’s unclear why exactly Michelle disappeared from social media for so long, but it could have something to do with her son Josh’s arrest and trial. The eldest Duggar son was arrested in the spring for child porn charges and then convicted just one week ago. Many members of the Duggar family remained silent, which fans totally understood.

Then, amid Josh’s trial, Michelle never showed up at the courthouse. Several other members of the family, including Jim Bob Duggar, were present. It’s not obvious why Michelle was never there to be with the rest of her family.

It’s possible she was responsible for Josh and Anna’s seven children because both parents were at the trial. Fans and critics wondered if the nature of the charges was too intense for Michelle to handle, which is understandable.

Despite Michelle’s lengthy silence, she has now been spotted.

Jim Bob Duggar - Michelle Duggar Youtube
Jim Bob Duggar – Michelle Duggar Youtube

Michelle Duggar finally surfaces.

In a new picture obtained by Katie Joy of Without a Crystal BallMichelle and Jim Bob can be seen at the polls together on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, there’s only one photo of the Duggar mother and it was taken from the back. But you can tell it’s her walking into the polling place with Jim Bob. Her long hair looks the same as it always has, and she’s wearing a denim jacket with a blue skirt or dress.

As we reported, Jim Bob lost the special primary election by a landslide. He was hoping to fill the vacant Arkansas State Senate seat in District 7.

Despite Michelle, and possibly other family members, voting for Jim Bob, he only received a little over 400 votes. This is not enough to get him into the run-off election in January.


So, does it shock you to see Michelle Duggar out and about after she’s been silent for so long? Why do you think she never showed up at Josh’s trial? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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