Mason Disick Hailed As King By Kim Kardashian, Amid North West Mess

Kim Kardashian Hails Mason Disick As King Amid North West Mess [Credit: Instagram]

Kim Kardashian did not consent to her daughter North West to give a live tour of their house on TikTok. She recently took to her Instagram Stories to hail Mason Disick as a king. He admitted that he has “regrets” about sharing family secrets on Instagram Live. He even reached out to Kim to warn her about North.

Earlier this month, she took to TikTok without her famous mom’s permission. The 8-year-old gave a live tour of the family’s Calabasas home on her and her mom’s joint TikTok account. This was unbeknownst to Kim, who was downstairs. At the end of the clip, she told her daughter that she’s “not allowed” to go live on the app by herself.

Mason Disick warns his aunt about North West

Shortly after the incident went viral on social media, Mason expressed his concern to Kim Kardashian about spilling family secrets on Instagram Live. The 12-year-old is still learning his lesson to this day. He reached out to Kim to warn her about North West. He feels that she’ll end up having “regrets” as well.

“I don’t wanna disrespect North, but I don’t think she should do the Lives unless someone is with her because people are always screen recording and she might tell the information that isn’t correct and stuff like,” Mason texted his aunt.

kim kardashian and mason disick instagram selfie

On Tuesday, December 14, Kim shared Mason’s concerned messages to her Instagram Stories. The eldest child of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick has a feeling that his cousin will “regret” doing something. It sounds like he has since learned his lesson. Mason also wants North to stay safe on social media.

“I did the exact same thing as she did,” Mason added. “I would do the Lives, and now, I regret saying one of the things that I said. Just in case for safety.”

Kim Kardashian declares Mason as a king

Kim responded to Mason’s text message as a “helpful king.” The 41-year-old shared that her daughter “felt bad” about what happened. She has a feeling that her daughter won’t do that again. Just in case, Kim asked Mason to talk to North about the incident.

“I’d love to talk to her about it,” Mason responded. “Next time I come over maybe.”

North West, Kim Kardashian humble feature
[Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram]
Auntie Kim invited him to a cousin sleepover  “soon.” In 2020, Mason went live on Instagram and shared some tea about the Kardashian-Jenner. He confirmed that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott weren’t back together. The two have since reunited and are expecting their second child. Instagram and TikTok removed Mason’s social media accounts due to his age.

Kim Kardashian Hails Mason Disick As King [Screenshot: Kim Kardashian/Instagram Stories]
[Screenshot: Kim Kardashian/Instagram Stories]
What are your thoughts on what Mason said to Kim? Do you agree that he probably regrets what he did on Instagram Live? Do you think children should use social media? Sound off below in the comments.

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