Janelle Brown Reveals Where She Is Currently Living

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Fans learned earlier this year that Sister Wives star Janelle Brown decided to pack up and live in an RV. The decision came after the rental home she was living in was put up for sale. This forced her to make a big decision about whether or not to look for another rental or move into an RV. Her ultimate decision was to just live in an RV on the family property. She and her daughter Savannah were living in the RV on the Flagstaff property. Now, it seems she’s moved again. Where did she opt to go this time?

Janelle Brown reveals where she and her daughter are living now

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has once again made a big move. Where is she going and why? Monsters & Critics shared all about Janelle’s current living arrangements. As it turns out Janelle has given up living in the RV at least for the time being. She revealed to fans on Instagram that she opted to move into an apartment for the winter.

She decided to make this move with Savannah since Flagstaff winters can be brutal. The cold air would be moving in soon so she didn’t want to rough it out in the RV on the property. She has been the only wife not living in an actual house.

Janelle said, “So long trailer! See you next spring.” She shared this as the RV was hauled off to be stored for the winter months.

She shared a glimpse of her new apartment with Christmas decorations. She captioned the post saying, “Fitting our Christmas decorations in a little awkwardly this season but we still have them! 🎄” Janelle also added, “Small space meant getting a little smaller tree and hanging stockings with Command Hooks 😂.”

When fans asked her about moving into the new apartement she simply replied she had for the winter.

Future plans

Currently it’s not clear if Janelle will move back into the trailer come Spring although it seems likely. Since Christne Brown left the plural family it seems her departure could have thrown a wrench into plans for Coyote Pass. The family was planning to build homes so they could all be closer together.

As far as the other wives, Meri Brown still rents her very expensive home. She spends time in Flagstaff and at her bed and breakfast. Robyn co-owns the big home with Kody. She of course is rumored to be his favorite wife. The two were seen shopping together recently which raised eyebrows.

What do you think about Janelle moving into an apartment for the winter?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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