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‘Dateline’ Takes Another Look At Would Be Corpus Christi Double Murder

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This week (December 17), NBC’s Dateline takes another look at the case of “The Overlook” involving the murder of Mollie Olgin and the attack of Kris Chapa. New evidence may suggest that the wrong man is behind bars. Keep reading to find out more about this case.

Dateline Takes Another Look At What Would Have Been A Corpus Christi Double Murder

In this week’s episode of Dateline, they revisit a case they first covered back in 2017. The case is about the murder of Mollie Olgin and the survival of her girlfriend, Kristene “Kris” Chapa. Now, there is speculation that the wrong man is behind bars.

On June 22, 2012, Mollie Olgin was murdered in Violet Andrews Park in Portland, Texas. Her girlfriend, Kris Chapa, was left for dead. The women were discovered by birdwatchers the following day. Mollie and Kris were under the viewing deck.

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Sadly, Mollie Olgin was pronounced dead at the scene. Kris Chapa was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Both women were sexually assaulted, then shot in the head, according to a Corpus Christi ABC news affiliate. At one point, there were concerns that Kris would be paralyzed. However, Kris regained strength on her left side and helped police create a composite sketch of the offender.

At the time, this case got a lot of media attention. The LGBT community held vigils. Some even suspect this case is a hate crime.

There’s A Break In The Case, Arrests Made

In 2014, police got a break in the case by way of a hand-delivered letter to Kris’ dad. The letter accuses a man in Layton, Utah, of the attack. After authorities investigate, they find that the man has an alibi. However, they learn that David Strickland had burglarized the accused man’s home. With this information and GPS, police discover that Strickland was near the Chapa home when the letter was delivered. Ultimately, the investigation finds a draft of the letter on Strickland’s computer.

Eventually, law enforcement gathered enough evidence, and on June 20, 2014, David Strickland and his wife, Laura Strickland, were arrested. She was charged with tampering with evidence, but the case was later dropped. David was charged with capital murder, aggravated sexual assault, and aggravated assault.

On September 28, 2016, a jury in San Patricio County found David Strickland guilty of capital murder and aggravated sexual assault. The death penalty was not sought for this case. Strickland was sentenced to life in prison.

Kris Chapa Sues David Strickland

Kris Chapa filed a lawsuit against Strickland for $500 million in damages in 2017. Due to the attack, Kris suffers from tunnel vision, walks with a limp, had extensive physical rehab and medical treatment. Furthermore, she “will need treatment and substantial assistance with daily tasks for the balance of her life,” reports the ABC affiliate.

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Why Is The Case Getting Another Look

Dateline is likely revisiting this case due to new evidence discovered in 2018. David Strickland wasn’t the only suspect in this heinous crime. New DNA technology was used to match DNA from a hair on Mollie Olgin’s body to the original suspect – Dylan Spellman. This isn’t the first time Spellman’s DNA matches Olgin and Chapa’s case. In the initial investigation, authorities found DNA on a cigarette butt and an energy drink can on the scene. At the time of the crime, Spellman stayed with his father’s best friend just down the street from the attack.

Did you know about Mollie Olgin and Kristene Chapa’s case? What do you think about the new evidence? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more true crime news. Don’t forget to tune in to NBC for a new episode of Dateline Friday night at 10/9 c.

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