Carlin Bates & Evan Stewart Breaking The Law With One-Year-Old Daughter Layla?

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Bringing Up Bates stars Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart are under fire for a recent series of photos and videos they posted online. Fans and critics agree that it looks like the couple is breaking the law with their one-year-old daughter Layla. So, what happened?

This isn’t the first time that the couple has been slammed for their parenting choices. But this one seems a little more serious, based on what the family’s followers are commenting online.

On social media on Wednesday evening, Carlin shared several snaps from the family’s trip to a drive-through holiday lights show. In the videos and pictures, Evan is driving the car, while Carlin is in the passenger seat. Layla is out of her car seat as they view the Christmas lights. In a couple of photos, she’s sitting on Evan’s lap while he drives and has her hands on the steering wheel.

While this might have been a fun family moment, Bringing Up Bates fans and critics quickly went to comment on the safety risks shown on social media.

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Did Carlin Bates & Evan Stewart break the law?

On RedditBringing Up Bates fans and critics are discussing the situation. Some argue that this is the norm for people viewing drive-through holiday lights shows. After all, you can only go a few miles per hour while looking at the lights. Carlin and Evan aren’t the first people to let their child out of their car seat during this kind of activity.

However, others point out that other people doing it too doesn’t make it okay. Some fans and critics take issue with the fact that Carlin recorded this and posted it online, too. She’s recently gotten into some trouble due to what she shares on social media.

One user writes, “Apparently a lot of people aren’t aware of the law regarding seatbelt & carseat use in a moving vehicle. It doesn’t matter how slow you’re driving. If you want to break that law, that’s on you, but don’t be dumb enough to video it.”

Another Reddit user mentions Carlin and Evan’s conservative views, writing, “Imagine loudly telling the world you’re pro-life and then carelessly endangering your own child.”

Someone else chimes in and shares how dangerous this is. They write, “Even if you’re going slow, accidents can happen. Another car might not be going slow, tire could blow, speed bumps, she could slip down to the floor board obstructing the pedals, etc. There are so many factors. There’s no need to take a risk when they can watch from the safety of their car seat.”

According to the Governors Highway Safety Associationin Tennesse, which is where the Bates family lives, a child restraint is required. The recommendation for children in Layla’s age group (1-3 yrs and over 20 pounds) is that they should be in a forward-facing infant seat.

In the photos and videos shared, Layla is clearly not in an infant seat.

Carlin Bates Instagram
Carlin Bates Instagram

So, what do you think of Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart’s latest posts? Do you think it’s safe? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Bringing Up Bates family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. Seriously people get over yourself. So I guess everyone that drives through the lights needs to get in trouble. Bet half doesn’t have seat belts on. Oh wait they don’t have their headlights on. Find other things to pick on.


    2. Man oh man! I was sitting in the window with my niece 9 and nephews 6 and 11 sitting on the back seats Window. Yet again there were people letting kids sit in the roof. It’s 3 mile an hour. And it’s an experience for kids. Oh and I Facebook lived it and because I’m not a celebrity not one negative comment about how we let them watch.

  2. Why not mind your own business, who knows the car could have been stopped and they sat and posed for pictures? No one was there, and watched the event, quit judging everyone in the world, and let God do his job. Not a one of us is perfect.

    1. What about Christmas parades? Floats?
      Don’t people ride on those without seat belts? It’s that not just as dangerous?
      Yet people go there and wave & smile & wait on people to throw candy at their children. Oh wait, isn’t littering the streets with all of that candy against the law as well? Come on people, get over it! This is just ridiculous. Mind your own buisness people. There’s not a single one of us that don’t have faults, that’s never messed up before. That’s never broken the law. We’re all guilty of something. Just that some of us have never been caught & only because we don’t have some snooty better than thou person looking over our every move, just trying to see what they can do to make us look bad. People only want to put others down so that they’ll be lifted up. Well it don’t work that way people. If you put someone else down, you’re lower than they are. Just try to be nice to people. Focus on your own issues.

      1. Exactly!!! Some people have too much time on their hands.The child was in no danger.Let’s be kind and stop being so petty .They’re great, loving parents!

  3. Before nit picking this young family, maybe people should look in the mirror to see how perfectly their own life is!!!!

  4. the people pointing out the obvious, obviously dont have kids this young or do fun things with them. leave the family alone and live your own life how your want, but dont ruin other peoples lives.

    1. Ignore the trolls!!They are only being critical of someone elses parenting because they can hide behind their ip address and user name to spew b/s.They would not speak if they had to do it in person.

  5. The public needs to shut the hell up!!! They were only moving if at all about 10 miles per hour!!! I’ve done it several times with my little grand daughter! The loom in layla face is amazing!!! It was only thru the light show…I’m sure all you complainers HAVE NEVER done anything like this!! Get real!!!

  6. I didn’t see the photos but usually drive through Christmas light shows are done in a park or in an area that isn’t a main road. We have one near us that you pay to go through, & it’s in a gated park akin to a drive through safari when you feed the animals etc. People just want to find something to criticize! Normal people would get their kids out to enjoy & see what’s going on…while driving a speed slower than someone walking beside them. The kids that stay in their seats for these types of activities just end up missing it all or falling asleep. If there was a danger or breaking the law, they wouldn’t advertise these events like ours does as fitting as many people into a car/truck as possible & the vehicle pays. You’ll see kids & adults chilling in the backs of pickup trucks through the whole thing! Common sense….

  7. So I guess all who are having a hissy fit was perfect parents! All on here or on any other site making rude comments are nothing more then hypocrites. You don’t know the full story or if there was any danger. All you know is what was on some pictures and a video. And what this women whom seem to be making money off of other people like a pimp says. I have tired blocking this and it has not worked .

  8. Unreal, people just pick and pick! My nephew just did it also and in a van! They need help being able to see the lights. Find something else to nit pick! Merry Christmas

    1. People get a life! It is no big deal! It isn’t like they were out on the highway! Dang I grew up in the 70s and our generation didn’t even know what car seats were. Our daddy’s arm across the chest as he slammed on the brakes and yelled whoa, was a seatbelt. I remember when you bought a car you had to pay extra for seatbelts. Gee, I am amazed I have lived this long. So ye who is quick to judge, I am sure are not free of some type of violation. Just leave this family alone. I think the people who want to lash out so quickly are just down right jealous you are not a Bates.

  9. I mean seriously! Why can’t people mind their own business. Do we have to make an issue out of everything? For goodness sake they were probably going less than a mile an hour and that’s the fun of those types of things. Carlin and Evan are good parents and it’s very obvious that they love their daughter and wouldn’t jeopardize her safety. Where do we get off living in judgment of others. I don’t see very many people living in glass houses. If you don’t like what they are doing move on. No one is forcing you to watch their videos or show. I say to Carlin and Evan thank you for sharing your life with us and keep doing you.

  10. People seriously have nothing better to do than sit in judgement of what others do …. It just blows my mind !! We live in a so called free country which should mean free thoughts, opinions ( whether or not you approve) & yes we have laws in place we have the free will to follow them or not. It’s not up to anyone what we do with own children ! And that little baby is loved , fed, protected, & adored ! Obviously they felt the situation was under control in which they would be able to keep that baby safe even if whatever “COULD OR MAY HAPPEN” & guess what? It’s their rights as parents to make that decision clearly she survived unharmed the light show out of her car seat ……. No parent is perfect or always makes the right choices but it’s not up to say what is or what isn’t right for someone else’s child …. If you don’t like that go live in a country that gives parents no freedoms ….. It’s up to us as a ADULT what isn’t & is safe for children … Not everyone chooses to live in a stinking bubble … It’s called living & having fun !! People should get off of their judgemental thrones for a bit & try it out guarantee your children would enjoy it too & actually make a real unsensored memory !

  11. When you go to a park and ride a train ride that is moving faster than the ride thru Christmas lights or the safari ride at Disney with babies and toddlers we didn’t have on seat belts. What are these people complaing about? I feel that the parents are doing nothing wrong. Leave them alone and worry about all the things you are doing wrong. God is the judge not all of you that find something wrong with every little thing everyone else does.

  12. Are these people serious. They are looking at Christmas decorations. Little layla can’t see from her carseat. Leave this sweet family alone. Everyone else does the same thing every year with their kids. Its not like they were going to another town or something. This idiots just want to complain about something. Its fine people. Go pick on other people whodo things to get attention like the duggars and the kardashian trash

  13. Well, they must be doing something right as a family if this is the only thing people can find to grump about! This was an amazing part of childhood that still brings back good memories…. I don’t really remember doing it myself, but I sure remember my siblings being allowed to “drive” in my grandparent’s long lane, and the sheer joy and giddiness at being able to be so big!

    1. Yes! Agreed! People have too much time in their hands to analyze someone’s life like this! My kids have all “driven” on private property, down a long, slow driveway or on a family farm. And I’m sorry, who is going to drop their kid to where the kid is blocking the pedals???

  14. Seriously, People. The only reason ya’ll are nit picking is because of Who they are. This Couple is no different than anyone else on earth and are not doing anything that ALL of you haven’t done. You need to take a look at yourselves before you go around accusing others of putting their child in danger. Let this Family enjoy their Holidays like everyone else!

  15. For goodness sakes, is this all that people can find wrong about this good family? What about the other people that were obviously also driving by slowly at a snail pace admiring the Christmas lights parade activity that clearly was going on. Mind your own business and don’t butt in on how someone else raises their children. Are you being told or were you told by strangers how to raise your children? Ridiculous!

  16. What is most concerning is the number of people that comb over every little thing this family and other Christian families do. Almost in effort to find something to condemn them for. They are not hurting their child or anyone else. We have lots of true criminals you can chase down and flag with your keyboard. Get a life of your own and leave these good people alone! Merry Christmas

  17. I believe in the law regarding this matter, IF they were on a state road or highway. Since they were not, and were probably on private property of some sort, I think that’s why they are getting bashed. Plus they are closely related to the duggars so I think people are going to react to them that way as well. I’m sure Layla was out of her seat minimally and I don’t see the harm. People say what if until they are blue in the face. I see the bates as different than the duggars.

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