Sander Jennings Shuns Jazz’s Praise For Dating Transgender Woman

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Jazz Jennings’ brother Sander had pretty big news to spill on his family. He admits that he’d been waiting a while for the right moment to break the news. Sander had been pretty vocal during the whole episode that a woman being transgender wouldn’t stop him from dating them. He even admitted this way of thinking has caused many to question his sexuality. For a while, this is something that bothered Sander. But, he admits he’s reached a point in his life where this no longer bothers him.

Warning: Spoilers from tonight’s episode of I Am Jazz

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Sander reveals controversial dating plans

Sander Jennings decided dinner was a good time to spill the beans on his dating plans. He explained to his family he had been spending time connecting with a beautiful woman online named Hope. Sander had nothing but kind things to say about Hope. He, however, proceeded to fess up to the fact that Hope was a transgender woman. Sander reminded his family that her being transgender didn’t bother him. And, he hoped it wouldn’t bother them either.

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Grandma and Grandpa have mixed feelings

Grandpa Jack admitted that he would be lying if he didn’t say he and Jacky weren’t traditionalists. He noted that as a traditionalist he wouldn’t typically be a supporter of Sander dating a transgender woman. That being said, he recognizes that his granddaughter Jazz is a transgender woman. And, one day she is going to enter the dating world. Grandpa Jack notes that he can’t approach Sander dating a transgender woman with a close mind and expert other people not to treat his granddaughter Jazz the same way.

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Jazz is proud of her brother, Sander shuns her praise

Jazz Jennings announces at the dinner table she is proud of her brother for dating a transgender woman. And, she’s proud of him for being so open about it. She reiterates how proud of him she is while helping him pick out the right outfit for his date. Sander Jennings admits he may not agree with everything when it comes to his sister. But, he does trust her judgment when it comes to his clothing.

Sander, however, was quick to shut down her praise of his decision to date a transgender woman. He fired back saying he didn’t need her praise for dating a woman.

I am Jazz - sander jennings

What did you think about Sander Jennings saying he did not need Jazz to praise him for dating a transgender woman? Do you understand his frustration or do you think he was out of line? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on I Am Jazz.

I Am Jazz Season 7, Episode 3 titled “Breaking The Cycle” is available for streaming via Discovery+. Or, you can tune in to watch the new episode tonight only on TLC.

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