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Kody & Robyn Brown CAUGHT Doing Sexy Time

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Kody and Robyn Brown were spotted by a Sister Wives fan flying solo as they presumably prepared for sexy time. In a post making rounds on Facebook, Robyn and Kody Brown were shopping at Victoria’s Secret located at the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall when a fan ran into them.

Baffled, the Sister Wives fan had a few questions. For starters, where were Kody Brown’s other wives? Why was he shopping at the mall alone with Robyn? Moreover, why have they ventured away from Flagstaff? Fortunately, the fan reports Kody was willing to engage briefly in conversation. The fan notes Kody also let them snap a photo of him and Robyn.

Fan spots Robyn and Kody flying solo

While it was probably awkward for Kody and Robyn Brown to be busted in a store such as Victoria’s Secret… They were more than willing to engage with a fan. The fan noted it was a bit awkward to snap a photo with Kody and Robyn because they required social distancing. The fan recalls taking a selfie with Kody and Robyn while standing six feet away from them.

The Sister Wives fan also shared a separate photo featuring Kody and Robyn walking away. It appeared as if the two had done some serious shopping around the mall while flying solos from his other wives.

Robyn and Kody Brown/YouTube
Robyn and Kody Brown/YouTube

Kody appeared to be holding several shopping bags in one hand while holding Robyn’s hand with his other hand. Robyn Brown did not appear to be holding anything.

Sister Wives fans who have seen this post and these photos admit it is a little strange to see Kody doing a task such as this for one of his wives. However, it also isn’t surprising because he is doing it for Robyn who fans seemingly agree is his favorite wife.

Fan takes sarcastic dig after busting Robyn and Kody’s sexy time preparation

The Sister Wives fan didn’t pull any punches when they posted about this encounter on Facebook. They noted that while Kody seemed friendly enough, Robyn was a bit “stand-offish.” They also commented on Robyn Brown being surprisingly taller than they realized. Turns out, Kody and Brown were returning to the store after forgetting a bad they had purposed the day before. The fan admits they thought about just sneaking a photo, but decided to approach the couple instead.

Kody Robyn Brown Facebook
Facebook Screenshot

When asked what they were doing in Scottsdale, Kody noted there just aren’t good shopping options in Flagstaff.

The Sister Wives fan concludes their post by firing a shot at Kody and his split from Christine. The fan noted they wanted to tell Kody about the panty sale and money that could be saved on four pairs. But, then they realized Kody was down a wife and only needed three pairs.

Are you surprised Kody and Robyn Brown were spotted shopping at Victoria’s Secret? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Does it surprise you he was only shopping in this type of store with one of his wives? And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC family.

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  1. Cody is a hypocrite. He demands that the family practice the safe distance, no family get togethers, no traveling and gets upset when some wives don’t listen and can’t be there for Isabel’s surgery. He is then out in public with no masks. Smh

    1. Cody is a pimp ..supported financially by his multiple wives! What will he do when they leave him? Watch your local fast food joint.

  2. The newest episodes were filmed back in 2020 shortly after the pandemic started and before there were vaccines. Hopefully at least the adults have been vaccinated so I’m sure he has eased up a bit in all of that over a year later.

  3. Why is it awkward to socially distance? Dang, it is a pandemic moron! Don’t run up on anyone, show respect. They stopped for your pic and you decide to be a douche about it “3 wives”. Shows who the better persons are.

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