Kody Brown BUSTED For Breaking The Rules

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Kody Brown of Sister Wives has been BUSTED for breaking the rules. The TLC star was put in the spotlight in a thread on Reddit for violating the very rules he has put in place for his family. What rule did he break exactly? And, what did fans catch him doing? Keep reading for the details.

Kody Brown of Sister Wives busted for breaking the rules

Chatter on Reddit reveals Kody Brown and Robyn were spotted shopping at Victoria’s Secret together. According to the OP, Kody very loudly entered the store to announce he was picking up a bag he accidentally left there the day prior. In the Reddit thread, Sister Wives fans quickly took notice of Kody and Robyn shopping at a mall without masks on their faces. Depending on where you go right now, there are still plenty of shopping malls that require masks of their guests.

The current Season of Sister Wives was filmed a year prior, but the pandemic is not over. And, fans assume Kody remains just as crazy as he was during filming about the pandemic and pandemic rules for his family. Sister Wives fans became furious with Kody when he used COVID-19 as an excuse not to be there for his daughter during her surgery. He insisted the traveling and quarantine involved would make it difficult for him to be there for the rest of the family. Understandably, Ysabel couldn’t wrap her mind around why her father wouldn’t drop everything to be there for her.

Sister Wives Kody Brown
Sister Wives Kody Brown

So, fans were a bit surprised to see Kody and Robyn Brown shopping at a mall without masks on their faces. The OP who snapped the photo noted Kody did tell them social distancing was still important. So, they took a selfie with Kody while standing six feet apart.

Where were his other wives?

Sister Wives fans thought it a bit strange he was shopping at Victoria’s Secret with just Robyn Brown. After all, he still has two other wives. How come they were not also with him at the shopping mall? Fans suspect spotting just Kody and Robyn in public just further supports the idea that she’s the only wife he’s with when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Kody Robyn Brown Facebook
Facebook Screenshot

Are you surprised Kody Brown and Robyn went shopping at a mall without masks after being such sticklers for the COVID-19 rules? Or, do you think they’ve become laxer with their rules since last year? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives. news.

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  1. Kody you are such a HYPOCRITE…

  2. Cody is such a jerk I’m surprised at how long it took for the other wife’s to see that. Robin is the only one he cares about. He can’t make his daughter’s operation because if Covid…but he’s ok with going to the mall with Robin. Ladies cut your losses. Robin is all about her and her family. Cody was all about plural marriage until he met Robin. Now its all about making her happy. Hope she gets treated like the other wife’s when he meets someone new. She deserves it.

  3. Cody Brown is an a__hole.I enjoyed watching the show until he married Robyn.He’s all about Robyn and her kids.And Robyn is so phony on the show.And what kind of a father can’t be there for his daughter when she’s having surgery.Not much of a father at all.Just an hypocrite.Best thing that ever happened to Christine was leaving a loser like him.He’s so much of a narcissist. And Robyn is a two faced bitch.Acts nice to the other wives when face to face for the cameras but anyone can see through her phoniness.shes all about herself and her kids.And she rules the roost.Cody does has she says she’s even driven him away from his other kids.Which doesn’t say much for him.Time for him to grow up and open his eyes and act his age.And get rid of that bitch Robyn.

  4. Kody has never been a father to his other kids or a husband to his other wives since Robyn came into the family! Wake up ladies, take your MONEY and run! Let her have him! The fifth house being built on Coyote Pass was for a younger wife Kody wants! Look at what Robyn has and does not work! A Nanny. Christine helped raise the other children! What he has done to Meri was awful, just to marry Robyn abd make her kids his! They had a father! Go find men that you all deserve, Kody is a narcissist,, selfish ass!

  5. When I seen the picture of them at the mall I thought what a HIPPOCRITE !!Robyn is the only one he’s cared about since they got together. And the way he does Meri is disgusting!!!!

  6. When he wouldn’t attend daughter surgery that tells u everything bout kody and Robin. Robin should of insisted he be with daughter. Robin homewrecker funny how they had to move to Arizona when Robin son was going to college there. Meri Janelle need to wake up leave his ass and make him support himself. TAKE your pride and money and run run

  7. Hey kody, is it normal to snuggle on the couch with your (Robins) daughter! It’s a bit creepy if you ask me! Maybe she will be his next wife!

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