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Josh Duggar’s Alleged Bodyguard Tells All, Reveals ‘Super Creepy’ Moment

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Josh Duggar’s alleged bodyguard has a lot to say. Someone who claims to have been Josh’s bodyguard during the summer of 2015 hosted an “ask me anything” session on Reddit. Duggar critics and fans had the opportunity to ask the alleged bodyguard all about Josh and the rest of the family.

This revealed some pretty interesting information about Josh and his family. As we already reported, the alleged bodyguard said Jim Bob Duggar introduced his son as “the man of the hour.” This seemingly shows just how important Josh is to him.

Now, the alleged bodyguard has answered even more questions about the famous family and what happened behind the scenes. On Reddit, one Duggar Snark asked, “Did you witness any emotional, verbal or a physical abuse in the home? Did Josh ever interact with his kids in a normal parent way?”

In response, the alleged bodyguard wrote, “Yes in a sense that I think the way JB and Michelle handled all of it was abusive as hell. The girls really were treated like they were part of the problem and that everyone had to pay the most attention to Josh.”

In another response, the alleged bodyguard confirmed that they reported “a couple of things” regarding the children while working with the Duggars. It’s unclear what exactly happened, but it was enough to warrant a report.

The alleged bodyguard wasn’t totally at ease around the Duggar family. On Reddit, they wrote, “I was uncomfortable the entire time I was there.”

Anna Duggar Instagram
Anna Duggar Instagram

Josh Duggar’s alleged bodyguard recounts a ‘super creepy’ situation.

In another comment, a Duggar Snark asked about any “WTF” or creepy moments the alleged bodyguard had with the family. The alleged bodyguard confirmed that there were “several.”

Then, they explained one of the situations, writing, “The 4th of July party I attended with had a fairly large WTF moment as well. The house had a pool. A lot if the kids were swimming. Josh was the only adult to get in the pool. I found that super creepy.”

The alleged bodyguard believes there are more secrets that haven’t gone public yet. They explain, “I do suspect that he probably got away with more than what’s known but I only base that opinion on my knowledge of how predators operate.”

So, what do you think of the responses Josh Duggar’s alleged bodyguard has shared? Did you know he had a bodyguard a few years back? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. I agree with the bodyguard, I believe there is a lot of creepy stuff that went on that wasn’t shown. It doesn’t surprise me that JB Duggar is abusive he’s a control freak!!

    1. I have always thought JB Dugger was creepy. Very much a control freak. Michelle bows down too him like he is her master. I hope Josh gets what he has coming to him in prison and Anna keeps those kids as far away as possible from him.

    2. Listen to the podcast called I pray you put this down. It really helped me understand how they got where they are presently. But it seems to me that we must find different solutions to stop this crime instead of birching. I personally know 3 other people that have gone through it in one shape or another. Perhaps people could look to finding open spots to discuss what exact path is the correct way to help others with this tragedy playing out in their lives right now. Blessings

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