Isabel Roloff Asks Google For Baby Hiccup Help?

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Isabel Roloff is giving Little People, Big World fans a glimpse into her life as a first-time mom. She took to social media to reveal a Google search, giving insight into what she’s up to these days.

In case you missed the news, Isabel and her husband, Jacob, recently welcomed their first child to the world. They stayed quiet about the baby’s birth for a while. He was born on December 4.

Over the weekend, however, a week after his birth, the couple posted on social media to announce their baby boy’s name, as well as share some brief updates. Isabel shared a picture of her son’s foot to share the news. On his Instagram page, Jacob posted a photo of a stork sign with his son’s name on it. They named their baby Mateo Tomás.

Prior to the baby’s birth, Isabel and Jacob revealed that they would be keeping their son’s life private. They explained that they wouldn’t be posting pictures of his face online. So, this explains why they didn’t share big announcement posts with photos of him. Fans were still happy to see the news that the baby is finally here and that he arrived safely. Isabel hasn’t shared much about his birth so far, but she might do so in the future.

While they are laying low as they adjust to parenthood, Isabel did hop online to share a peek into her new life.

Isabel Roloff Instagram
Isabel Roloff Instagram

Isabel Roloff shares a totally relatable first-time mom post.

On her Instagram stories, Isabel shared a screenshot of her recent Google search. In the search bar, she typed, “How long is too long for baby hiccups?”

Isabel also shared a screenshot of the results she found as she did her research. She added a caption that reads, “FTM + anxiety.” Then, she added a laughing emoji.

Because this was posted on her Instagram stories, fans can only reply privately. So, we don’t know what fans think of her newest post. Maybe she will continue sharing mom life updates on social media to keep fans in the loop. Of course, she seems committed to maintaining her son’s privacy, so fans shouldn’t expect too many details about Mateo right now.

Isabel Roloff Instagram
Isabel Roloff Instagram

So, do you like getting a glimpse into Isabel Roloff’s life as a first-time mom? Can you relate to her? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below. For more news about the Little People, Big World family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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