Anna Duggar’s Kids: Hammer Dropping Soon, Court-Ordered Exams

Anna Duggar Instagram, Anna Duggar kids

The court could order Josh and Anna Duggar’s kids to receive forensic exams from CPS. As you may know, Josh was just convicted of receiving and possessing child pornography. Naturally, there is concern from fans of the family that he could have harmed his children. This is due to the disturbing nature of his crime.

For months, some fans have argued that the kids need to be taken away from Josh and Anna. However, Anna is still caring for all seven of her children while Josh is in jail awaiting his sentencing. The Duggar couple has three sons, Michael, Marcus, and Mason, and four daughters, Mackynzie, Meredith, Maryella, and Madyson. The youngest is one month old and the oldest is 12 years old.

Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball previously reported that Anna previously denied forensic examinations of the kids. It’s unclear when exactly that happened, but it was before Josh was convicted.

Now, with Josh’s conviction, there are naturally many concerns about the safety of the couple’s children. According to Katie, the government can force examinations of the kids, especially because of Josh’s charges. Based on what Katie has shared, it seems like examinations like this are common in these types of cases. The government couldn’t do this prior to Josh’s conviction, which is why Anna was able to turn them down. But now, what she says about the examinations doesn’t really matter.

Anna Duggar Instagram
Anna Duggar Instagram

Anna Duggar’s kids may be forensically examined soon.

In a new social media post on Tuesday, Katie shared an update on the kids’ forensic and cognitive exams. She writes, “A source with knowledge into Josh Duggar’s criminal case tells us that prosecutors are seeking a CPS forensic & cognitive exam of Josh & Anna Duggar’s children.”

Then, she adds, “Right now it’s not clear if the judge has made a ruling, but my source said they’ve never seen an request like this denied in a child sexual abuse material case.”

So, it seems possible that forensic and cognitive exams are coming soon for Josh and Anna’s children. In response to Katie’s recent post, fans and critics of the Duggar family are agreeing that this should be done right away. They are worried about what might come out as a result of the exams, but they know how important it is.

So, does it surprise you that there may be forensic exams of Josh and Anna Duggar’s kids? Were you expecting this to happen next? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. With the time that’s passed, I’m afraid the Duggars could be coaching Josh & Anna’s kids what to say and what not to say. If the children are afraid of repercussions, they’ll say what their mom wants them to say.

  2. The courts for the most part are just as bad or worse so why are they trying to force this on the children. If it’s done it’s done and if not that’s fine but keep their nose out of it now. The court is going beyond it’s powers in my opinion.

    1. Who else is supposed to protect the kids??? Daddy was looking at pictures of infants getting raped and you’re talking about the court overstepping their bounds Larry? Hmmm wonder why.

  3. This is definitely a good idea and if Anna truly cares about her kids’ welfare she will cooperate. Right now, though, it seems like she’s living in delusion; like her relationship with her husband is more important than her kids. ‘Forest for the trees’.
    This needs to happen so any child that has been molested, if this is the case.. hopefully not, can receive the counseling they need.

  4. Sarah Huckabee is oddly silent on this whole thing considering her father Mike helped pull strings to get his first case covered up. Josh is one sick f**k and I hate being related to the whole family. He gets the pedophilia from his dad.

  5. Those kids should certainly be inspected! I don’t see how a sick person like this could (sadly), resist experimenting on his own kids.
    His sisters weren’t off Limits!! His wife is like a rock for ever getting involved with this pig!
    He felt he was Above the law !!
    He needs to go away forever, or better yet under ground! Ugh 🤦‍♀️
    Pedophiles make me sick! Let’s hope for tougher punishments for ALL !
    I’m sick of hearing ‘so & so is back in jail after their 9th conviction etc !
    Just my thoughts 🙋‍♀️

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