‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: Amy Halterman Battles Crippling Anxiety Out Of Love For Son

In the last episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters, Fans were horrified to see the conditions that Amy Halterman’s family was willingly living in. During the episode, viewers watch as Amy struggles to get her home organized. Along with clutter, the reality star is battling rodents, a roach infestation, and her own insecurities about her inability to keep a clean house. This week, fans will see more of the organization process, and Amy opens up about her past and how her home got to the state that it is. Will Amy get her living space back on track? Read on to find out what Amy shared in this week’s episode.

Amy Halterman Combats Generational Mental Illness

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Amy is not the only person in her family to have a disastrously messy home. In fact, in the last episode, the celeb revealed that having hoarder tendencies is something that runs in the family. According to Amy, her mother and her grandmother both struggled with home cleanliness. They also shared the inability to throw things away.

When Amy hired professional organizers to come and help her and Michael get their clutter under control, she was forced to face her issue head-on. The further into the episode footage fans got, the more unsightly issues seemed to arise, including the fact that Amy had dead mice in her cabinets and roaches crawling around on the walls behind her.

At one point during the episode, Amy has a breakdown. She becomes visibly overwhelmed by embarrassment and crippling anxiety. The reality star says she is really embarrassed about how dirty her house is. She reveals that her anxiety is severely triggered by the thought of being judged and thought poorly of by others. According to Amy, she and Tammy grew up constantly being talked about and made fun of. Now, having her clutter and hoarding issues broadcasted on national television is bringing all those traumatic memories back up for her.

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Amy Receives Words Of Wisdom From The Cleaning Ladies

Opening up to the organizers about her struggles allowed Amy to release of that anxiety in a positive way. The two ladies were very supportive, and happy to lend a hand to help Amy work toward a cleaner space. After listening to Amy talk about making a better life for Gage, one of the ladies gives her a few words of advice.

The woman reminds Amy that one of the hallmark signs of being a good mom is doing the best you can with the tools and resources you’ve got. “You’re improving and trying to get better, I mean that’s what we ALL have to do,” she advised.

She reminds Amy to avoid thinking about “past hurts” that will keep her from making progress. The organizer also reminds Amy that her son thinks she’s doing a great job. He feels loved. Gage doesn’t see his mother’s flaws, he only knows how to love her as she is.

Amy Halterman Learns To Separate Trash from Treasure

As viewers watch the episode, one recurring issue keeps popping up – Amy has a hard time letting go of things. Like most chronic hoarders, Amy often places sentimental value on material items that really have no value or use. While the group organizes, Amy is forced to make choices about items around her home. Amy often has to be convinced to throw something away because she relates it to some special memory in her mind.

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In one scene, for instance, Amy finds a notebook in her kitchen that contained a daily log of her blood sugars that she kept for the entire length of her pregnancy. She tells the organizer that she wants to put it in the memory box. “And you’re thinking that’s something you’re wanting to look back at the notes on,” the lady asked Amy quizzically.  Amy reconsidered, deciding to throw it away because she realized she was being silly.

Her next challenge comes in the form of things given or gifted to her. She explains that a lot of clutter in her house comes from gifts.  She reiterates having a hard time getting rid of things, especially ones that people gave her.  After a pep talk, Amy quickly gets more comfortable with throwing away useless items. Her willingness to downsize also helped her make a huge impact on her family’s living space.

This episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters is unique in the way that Amy really opens up about how she got to this point. In addition to growing up inside a hoarder’s den, Amy says that her mom never taught her how to keep a clean home.

“When I was growing up, my Mom worked three jobs, so it was hard,” she explained. “She really didn’t have time to teach us how to properly clean a house.”

Doing It All For Gage

Now that Amy is a grown woman responsible for her own child, she is actively seeking to change her habits. She wants to improve the environment her son lives in, while also breaking a generations-old cycle that leads to nothing unhappiness. The celeb reasons that knowing what it’s like to go grow up in a hoarding environment, she’s doing her best not to do that to her son.

Amy acknowledges that at the end of the day, what she really wants is a nice, clean environment for her son. “I’m trying to be better as a Mom,” she tells the workers.

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According to Amy, she plans to implement the use of bins to help her keep her space organized. She says that she’s trying to make positive changes and keep up with it. Unfortunately, she reveals that this can also be a challenge because of the amount of responsibility on her shoulders.

For Amy Halterman, she understands that she didn’t come out of a perfect home. She, however, is doing her best to ensure Gage does not experience the same shame and anxiety that she does.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about Gage,” she reveals. Amy tells fans that despite having triggered some deep emotional issues, she would face it all again because she loves her son.

Do you think Amy will be able to keep her home in a functioning state  – let us know in the comments!

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