‘Storage Wars:’ Rene Nezhoda Spent $1,500 On A Unit Full Of WHAT?!

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Rene Nezhoda recently dropped a bit of money on a storage unit and fans are reeling about what it was full of. While some purchases are a clear loss, it seems the Storage Wars star has made a good decision when placing his cash into this unit. Below is a peek at what they found inside.

A Promising Storage Unit Find

More recently, Rene and his wife Casey Nezhoda caught the attention of viewers of the A&E show with their public displays of affection. The couple is typically in the spotlight for how they spend their time or, more importantly, how they spend their money.

Rene Nezhoda

Credit: YouTube/Bargainhuntersthrift

On Instagram, Rene and Casey share a bit about what they do with their followers. Many posts feature Casey showing off one of their latest finds or Rene showcasing a unit they just bought. They show off recent finds and share interesting facts about what they do. Most recently, Rene posted an Instagram Reel about a storage unit they had purchased.

In the video, Rene details what they found in the latest storage unit and it is a goldmine. The 10×20 unit was allegedly filled wall to wall with high-end sneakers like Air Jordans, Nikes, and tubs full of hats worth a pretty penny too. A full look at the unit was posted later on their YouTube channel and it was immediately apparent that Rene may have overpaid for what they got. It appeared as though some of the boxes of shoes may have been completely empty and the unit was far from full.

Was The Latest Rene Nezhoda Find a Win or Bust?

That being said, some collectors’ tennis shoes and hats can be worth a lot of money. If he stumbled across the right sneaker in the unit, he could have easily made his money back. When he initially began looking at the unit, Rene admitted he may take a loss on the purchase. However, once he started sifting through what was in the unit, it became clear he’d make at least that much.

Rene Nezhoda

Credit: YouTube/Bargainhuntersthrift

He unpacked a Cowboys jersey with tags worth about $150 and a box of shoes worth about $300. Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Lebron James jerseys were found too. Rene gave a low-ball estimate of about $20 per jersey. By the time they were done looking at the second box, he estimated they’d made their money back. However, as they started unpacking individual shoes, the number kept rising. So, it’s safe to say Rene made yet another good purchase when they found this unit.

If you want to see more of Rene Nezhoda, Storage Wars comes on A&E at 9 p.m. EST on Tuesdays. You can also catch reruns of the show regularly on A&E throughout the week.

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