Jim Bob Duggar Introduced Josh As ‘Man Of The Hour’ To Bodyguard?

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Did Jim Bob Duggar really call his son Josh “the man of the hour?” An alleged former Duggar bodyguard is speaking out and sharing previously unknown facts about the family. Specifically, the alleged bodyguard was responsible for keeping an eye on Josh. So, many fans and critics have questions about the whole setup and what went on behind the scenes.

One interesting detail shared by the alleged bodyguard is how Jim Bob acted shortly after one of Josh’s scandals. If you’re a longtime Duggar fan or critic, you likely know about Josh’s molestation scandal, his Ashley Madison scandal, and now, his child pornography charges.

Counting On Jim Bob Duggar Youtube
Counting On Jim Bob Duggar Youtube

The alleged bodyguard opened up about what happened shortly after one of Josh’s many scandals had been “handled.” However, fans and critics feel that none of Josh’s past issues were ever really dealt with how they should have been. What the alleged bodyguard shared seems to show that Jim Bob got over Josh’s scandals pretty quickly.

So, what did the bodyguard reveal about Josh’s and Jim Bob’s behavior shortly after they all met?

Jim Bob Duggar allegedly referred to Josh as the “man of the hour.”

On Reddit, someone who claims to be Josh’s previous bodyguard allowed Duggar fans and critics to ask questions about the experience. One critic was curious if the user had any “surreal” experiences with the family, especially when the bodyguard first began working for the family.

In response, the bodyguard wrote, “My first meeting with the family was ridiculously surreal for me. They were holed up on a ranch in Jay Oklahoma and the place had a summer camp vibe to it. Everyone kept insisting that Joshs behavior had been dealt with and everything was just fine now. Nobody had dealt with anything and Josh was introduced to me by a laughing JB as ‘the man of the hour.'”

Critics are sharing their thoughts on the answer, and they are shocked that Jim bob would be so carefree after what had happened. One user asks, “Wait, so soon after the abuse Josh perpetrated became public, they ran off to avoid publicity and then Jim Bob makes a f*cking JOKE about it?!??!? Am I reading this correctly?”

The alleged bodyguard confirmed that the user did read it correctly.

So, what do you think of Jim Bob Duggar introducing Josh as the “man of the hour?” Do you think it’s odd? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.


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  1. This family has been creepy since day one. I read about them because I always thought the dad Jim Bob seems like a creep who would molest his daughters. They condone Josh’s behavior. More to this freak show family that needs to come out.

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