Amy Halterman Ready To Get Naked For Another Man, Michael Watches

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In the latest episode of 1000-Lb Sisters, Amy Halterman shocked fans when she offered to get naked for a complete stranger – right in front of her husband! What’s going on? Is this sassy TLC celeb cheating on her husband? Why is Amy so willing to undress for a man she’s never met? Read on to find out about Amy’s latest antics.

Amy Halterman Seeks Unconventional Solution

In the latest installment of 1000-Lb. Sisters, Amy reveals to fans that she has been experiencing an exorbitant amount of back pain. The reality star tells viewers that while she was working with the professional organizers to get her chaotic home under control, she may have pulled a muscle in her back.

In order to help try and alleviate some of the discomfort and pain she’s experiencing, Amy decides to try acupuncture. She doesn’t say why she opted to seek out an Eastern medicine practice over seeking the help of a general physician, but she is hopeful that the procedure will help reduce the tension. In a brief interview before the appointment, Amy tells the camera that she and her sister, Tammy Slaton have a hometown meet-and-greet coming soon, and she doesn’t want to be miserable and in pain during the event.

Amy Halterman
Photo Credit: TLC| ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’

Solidarity In Chinese Bondage

On her adventure to a local acupuncturist, Amy Halterman is joined by her husband, Michael. While initially, viewers might think that he was just there for support or perhaps to drive his wife to the appointment, Amy reveals that she has talked Michael into having the procedure done as well.

“Michael is doing this for solidarity,” Tammy tells the cameraman. She then jokes about potentially turning the session into a romantic, sensual experience. “Maybe we can turns some lights off, gets some music, Oh yeahhh, Marvin Gaye, B*tches,” she says with a giggle, dancing from side to side.

During the intro to the acupuncture segment, Amy educated her fans on the ‘history’ of acupuncture. In a brief overview of its origins, she tells viewers that “acupuncture was made 4000 years ago by these Chinese dudes that… I guess they like bondage because they like to poke each other with Fu****ng needles.”

What’s Causing Michael’s Back Pain?

At the start of Amy Halterman and Michael’s visit to the acupuncturist, the doctor has a sit-down with them to talk about the treatment. He asks them why they want to have the procedure done and what types of pain they are experiencing.

Amy reiterates that she pulled a muscle in her back cleaning her house. Michael confirms that his back is his main complaint. In a one-on-one with the camera, Amy explains that Michael has had a bad back for years. Initially, the daily aches and pains were likely the result of his day job as a mill operator. Now, his pain has progressed. Amy bluntly tells fans that his back pain has been greatly exacerbated by having to push Tammy around in her wheelchair for the greater part of three years. This makes a lot of sense as viewers watch Michael struggle to move her in her chair at least once per episode.

Photo Credit: TLC|’1000-Lb. Sisters’

In reference to moving her sister, Amy says that “It’s getting harder as the days go by.” Indicating that as she gains weight, the struggle to move her and push her chair becomes a more strenuous and painful job.

Amy Offers To Take Her Top Off For Another Man

During the meeting with Dr. Corey Jones, the doctor listens to them describe their pain, and tells them that acupuncture is a great place to start when seeking relief. He believes they are good candidates for the procedure and doesn’t foresee any complications. He asks the couple if they have any questions before he takes them to the procedure room.

While Michael says he doesn’t have any questions, Amy looks the doctor in the face, asking him, “do you have to be naked?” Dr. Jones gives her a quizzical look and laughs awkwardly.

“No, you don’t have to.” He responds quietly.

Amy nods, “I didn’t know if I needed to take my top off or whatever,” she said in a serious tone. When the doctor reiterates that removing her top is unnecessary, Amy inquires for more information.

“It can go through your clothes,” she asks him. The doctor explains that nudity is not necessary because they will simply lift just the back of her shirt to access her lower back.

At this point, Amy proceeds to make the doctor even more uncomfortable when she confirms that she would have had no complaints about removing her shirt for him.

“That was all right, I would take my shirt off,” she tells him. Again, the doctor blushes and audibly lets out an awkward giggle. “Well all right,” he says, grinning from ear to ear.

Michael Halterman
Photo Credit: TLC| ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’

So Small Amy Halterman Couldn’t Feel It At All

The episode follows Amy and Michael into the procedure room where the viewers get to watch as they experience their acupuncture session. The doctor quickly pops a number of needles into Amy’s lower back.

“That wasn’t too bad was it,” Dr. Jones asked her, after placing the needles. Amy tells him that no, she didn’t feel it at all. “Usually within about 5-10 seconds, even if you feel it go in, it will just kind of drift away and be nice and pleasant.” He tells her calmly.  Amy responds by telling him she feels like a porcupine.

The doctor leaves them alone for a bit after placing the needles. Both Amy and Michael are laid face down on chiropractic tables. While waiting, Amy tries to talk to her husband about the slight ‘”tingly” feeling she has.

Michael tries to respond – but is half asleep and actively drooling on the camera they have placed near his face. He wakes up briefly to wipe the spit off the camera lens.

So, did Amy and Michael’s acupuncture session do the trick? Fans will just have to wait to see if Amy gives us an update on the effects of the procedure. Just after having it done, Amy told the camera that she felt a little tingly but that she couldn’t really tell a difference yet. She said that the true test would come in the next days when she’s carrying her son around and when they have to attend the meet and greet event.

Catch Amy, Tammy, and the rest of the 1000-Lb. Sisters Gang when the new show airs Monday night at 10pm on TLC.

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