What’s Next For Anna Duggar After Josh’s Guilty Verdict?

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Anna Duggar has many things to figure out after her husband Josh’s conviction last week. The former 19 Kids & Counting family has a lot going on right now. Anna is now raising her kids on her own, while Josh is in jail awaiting sentencing, which could take four months. Fans are wondering what is next for Anna and her seven children. Her oldest, Mackynzie, is 12 years old and her youngest, Madyson, is just one month old.

Josh’s future will include time in federal prison. Once he’s sentenced, he could be behind bars for decades and face hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. There are only a handful of federal prison facilities, and there aren’t any in Arkansas, which is where the Duggars live.

Anna Duggar Instagram
Anna Duggar Instagram

So, this will likely have an impact on the couple’s future. Conjugal visits are not allowed in federal prison either. What could Anna’s future look like?

What might happen to Anna Duggar and her kids?

At this point, we don’t know what exactly is going on with Anna and her children. She hasn’t issued a statement or posted anything to let fans know what is next. But there is plenty of speculation about her next moves.

Fans have questions about how Anna is handling the current situation and what she plans to do moving forward. Since her husband was arrested, fans have been encouraging her to get a divorce, which is frowned upon in her religion. However, many fans argued that this was a reasonable situation in which to divorce Josh.

One of Anna’s brothers offered to help her out years ago. So, it’s possible his offer still stands.

Fans assume that Anna and the kids were relying on Josh’s occupation to pay the bills. Anna previously clapped back at fans who asked about Josh’s occupation. She called her husband a “diligent worker.” But now, he’s behind bars. Anna does have a reasonable net worth so she can manage for a short time.

For now, Anna seems to be relying on her in-laws, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. But it’s unclear how long that will last. It’s possible that Anna will go live with some of her relatives. Fans are interested in seeing what she decides to do and hope that things work out for herself and the seven kids.

So, what do you think might happen next for Anna Duggar amid her husband’s conviction? Do you think she will continue to rely on Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar or do something else? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more Duggar news, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. She needs to divorce him if she stays she is putting her children in harms way he molested children why would she stay with a convicted child molestor if she does shes just as sick as he is

  2. If he’s capable of molesting his sisters, he’s going to molest his daughters. Anna is disgusting as well to support her sleazy husband.

    1. Exactly and she needs jail time too. Any women who puts a ped or any other man before her kids is a worthless piece of shit. I’m Not buying into the she was brainwashed bs.. she’s a grown ass woman and has the ability to think and make decisions on her own knowing what’s wrong and what is right. Many including myself have suffered at the hands of abusers, it doesn’t have anything to do with knowing the difference, she chose to stay even after all of the things previously convicted of, she should have left him then. I tried to allow myself to believe maybe she honestly was trying to get him help and a give a second chance .. but then he gets busted cheating on her and then this .. she in my opinion is obsessed with him. She can’t use the excuse she has nobody to help her out cuz her brother offéred to Therefore I feel she’s obsessed with him ..look at her, she looks psychotic herself,. Her “sweet soft side” as others describe her hasn’t fooled me in not the least. Those children need to be placed to get proper therapy and the help they need. I’m sure they’re traumatized and she needs placed somewhere for a complete mental evaluation and therapy as well. I have great skills at reading people immediately and almost every time I’ve nailed it with the exception of twice I’ve been wrong but not far off. I like Jana and I really hope she will get her mind right and not be a puppet and babysitter any longer. They made all of those kids, it is their responsibility to watch them and raise them not their sibling’s. Jessa is a wonderful parent and her and Ben are my other favorites. I like Ginger too but not a Jeremy fan either, I’ve noticed his rude arrogant behavior towards Ginger and that put an end to liking him. To me he’s lazy and a fake.

  3. Good old Jim Bob and Michelle need to support Anna and all those kids until they are grown. They did not get Josh help when he needed it and didn’t want her to leave him, so she and the kids are now there problem.
    Just happy Josh will not be able to molest his daughters. Anna needs to also get some help to let her know its ok to leave the jerk and protect her kids.

  4. Anna needs to move away and start a fresh life for herself and her children. Forget about Josh, and give the
    children the love and care that they deserve and need.

  5. First off , the whole idea of having more than two or three kids in this day and age just means that you’re a moron !!!
    Second off, married to a convicted child molester and not getting a divorce because of your religion means that again , YOU ARE A MORON !!!
    Third off , I don’t think your wedding vows included being faithful to a child molester because if they do ,then THEY ARE MORONIC !!!

  6. Anna. I love the Lord too. You are as guilty as your husband. Why on earth would you have another child with this man? Sadly, Anna, one of your children may have been molested by him and are afraid to tell you.
    The truth will reveal its self. This is not about judgement. It could be very well; fact. He will stand before God one day. The Bible talks about hurting little children; who are precious to God. It would be better that a millstone be hung around his neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea. We all stand in judgement. And sadly, Anna you are responsible for your children. They need to be protected. You are their lifeline. I’m sure you love your children and it’s not too late. Don’t close your eyes to this. Rescue them and move on your way. Remember, Anna, they are counting on you. I believe God will help you, if you trust Him. Just concerned for the children. The choice is up to you.

  7. Anna is in a real mess! I hope she divorces Josh and somehow finds a way to support all those kids. They all need counseling and de-brainwashing. If Jana is gay, I really hope she comes out and lives a life of love with her partner.

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