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‘Sister Wives’ Season 16 Episode 4 Recap- Dec. 12

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Last week on Sister Wives, the women and Kody picked their lots. Yet, Christine was just going through the motions of it all. She is desperate to get back to Utah. At the same time, the family gathered together for a big announcement from Mykelti and Tony via video. They are expecting their first baby together. The wives shared their “grandma” names and Janelle was tearing up. Eventually, it was time for everyone to say goodbye to Ysabel as she is getting her surgery.

Kody tried to insinuate this was just a way for Christine to have a vacation. He never really had an idea of how much pain his daughter was in. She still is in pain knowing her dad is not coming with her. However, she played it off in front of him. Christine thinks this time apart will be good for them and says her goodbyes. At this point, they do not have a functioning marriage so what else is there to say?

The Sister Wives Living Life

It’s been around five months since quarantine started and Kody points out the three wives who have not taken it super seriously. He notes Meri, Janelle, and Christine will all be away at the same time. Christine is on her way with Ysabel and her girls to New Jersey for scoliosis surgery. Kody says, once again, he will not be there for her surgery as it is too risky. He also adds he would be a hypocrite if he went since he has been trying to hammer it in the dangers of traveling. Ysabel is really hurt her dad is not coming with her as Christine shares she relies on him when she is in pain.

Ysabel Brown/YouTube
Ysabel Brown/YouTube

At the same time, Janelle is headed to North Carolina to be with Maddie. Her daughter, Evie K. is having surgery, as well. She was born with FATCO so she is missing some fingers and one leg is shorter. They could do leg-lengthening but that would require so many surgeries so she will have her foot amputated. Janelle only worries about it when it is brought up. The surgery is on Evie’s first birthday and she makes it through like a champ, smashing cakes three days later.

Sister Wives Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Meri is over in Utah at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn for the 150th anniversary. Since COVID hit, they have not been able to celebrate properly. Therefore, they are doing it all via the internet. Firstly, they are celebrating one year until Audrey and Mariah’s wedding. Secondly, they are doing a bake-a-long where Mariah and Meri will be making their family banana bread. The two have come a long way since the catfishing incident then Mariah came out. Meri knows she has some relationships she still wants to work on, one being with Janelle.

Meri Versus Janelle

There have been issues between the two women for decades, seeing eye to eye and such. Yet, they made it work for the children and the family. Meri has no idea how this will go but she is hopeful they can resolve any lingering issues. Once the kids are all gone, they will only have each other so they need to make a community within each other. Kody has always been of the mindset to leave the past in the past. Unfortunately, if the past is affecting the present, this is not always possible.

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Meri heard Janelle was talking about her not being near the pond. She has also heard Janelle and Kody say things that insinuate there are still issues with Meri. They had been talking to a confidante who then went and ran their mouth to Meri. Janelle wanted the pond to be accessible to everyone. If Meri were to build near there, they worry she will put rules around a space that should be open to everyone.

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Apparently, when they lived in the one home in Lehi, Meri had some issues. The kids constantly were in and out of her living space and she felt like a hallway. Janelle then shares it was hard for her to see Christine in the Lehi home because she would have to go through Meri’s quarters. Therefore, she had to go outside to avoid being in Meri’s space. They begin to realize, they never talked about the invasion of space at the time. For Janelle, she thinks they should draw up legal paperwork in regards to the pond so everyone has proper access.

A Sister Wives Wall Up

Janelle acknowledges she did talk behind Meri’s back and now, Meri has a wall up. Janelle feels they should sit for a moment because she does not want it to be like that at all. Yet, Meri can get guarded and she knows this about herself. It flashes back to how Meri knew Janelle prior to her coming into the family. She was married to Meri’s brother. Once she married Kody, Meri tried to form a sisterhood with her but it kind of failed. Janelle maintains she tried, as well but nothing seemed to work.

Sister Wives - Meri Brown - Christine brown
Sister Wives YouTube

The friendship, according to Janelle, was irretrievable, once she became a wife. She claims Meri was very forceful and hard to be around. However, she maintains she does not remember much of what happened. Luckily, Meri says she is grateful for having Janelle’s children. She also knows she could have done better and they all could have. So many feelings resurfaced when they were around the pond. The pond, pond, pond. Janelle lets Meri know she is not going anywhere and they are stuck together.

Building On Coyote Pass and Ysabel’s Consult

Kody and Janelle meet at Coyote Pass with Robyn’s son, Solomon. Janelle feels the wives should build their homes before Kody builds his lot. Kody is having more fun guiding Solomon around the rocks, holes, and the lot. They are watching all the water go into the land. It’s starting to get real and not just for them. Ysabel is officially in New Jersey. Christine’s sister lives an hour away from where the surgery is taking place so she has agreed to follow all the protocols set forth.

Kody Brown via YouTube
Kody Brown via YouTube

It is time for Ysabel to go to the doctor to get everything prepped for her surgery after the two-week quarantine she had to undergo. The goal is to get her from 50 to 10 degrees. She will be on pain medicine after the surgery and now Ysabel feels much better. The doctor explained everything so well so she has a new confidence.

Credit: Ysabel Brown via YouTube
Credit: Ysabel Brown via YouTube

Yes, Ysabel so wanted her dad there but he wanted her to put the family ahead of her severe pain. At the moment, Christine is struggling. Luckily, she says she will feel like a good mom the next day when her daughter’s spine is finally where it should be.

Next week, Ysabel has her surgery and immediately wants Kody the moment it is over. At the same time, Kody realizes he is not the head of the family and tells the wives to do what they want. Finally, Meri is tired of being alone and Christine tries to believe everything can only get better. Find out what happens on Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.

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