‘RHOSLC’: Mary Cosby Issues BIZARRE Apology After Racism Accusations

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RHOSLC star Mary Cosby issued a bizarre apology after accusations of racism. Keep reading to see her eccentric apology and find out if fans accept it.

RHOSLC star under questions from co-stars

Season 2 of RHOSLC has been bringing the drama Bravoholics crave. The first half of the season revolved mainly around Jen Shah and her shocking arrest. Viewers saw the events of her March 2021 arrest play out on camera, as Bravo was filming at the time.

Shah pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Furthermore, she recently petitioned the courts to drop the charges, alleging a Hulu documentary, The Housewife & The Shah Shocker, contaminated the jury pool. Us Weekly reported on December 11th that the request was denied. Jen Shah is expected to appear in court in 2022 to face the charges.

But Jen Shah isn’t the only RHOSLC star in the hot seat this season. In the episode airing Sunday, December 5, the focus turned to Mary Cosby and the allegations that she’s a cult leader. It was during that episode that she made a seemingly racist comparison between Jen Shah and “like you know, those Mexican people that make all those drugs.”

Mary Cosby via YouTube
Mary Cosby via YouTube

Consequently, fans of the show immediately took to social media to call the church leader out for the comments. However, Mary Cosby never addressed the incident until now.

Mary Cosby issues BIZARRE apology

On Sunday, December 12, Mary Cosby took to her Twitter to issue what some feel is a BIZARRE apology for her comments. Using various types and sizes of fonts, she apologizes for her “choice of words.”

Furthermore, she writes that she wasn’t trying to “single out the Mexican culture.” After all, she’s experienced racism in her own daily life.

She ends the odd missive by saying that she is “truly sorry.”

Mary Cosby shared the same apology on her Instagram, including various hashtags to her post, such as”#apology accepted, #makeitright, #love, #latinos.”


So, how did her apology go over with Bravoholics? Was the #apologyaccepted?

 Do Bravo fans accept? See the reactions

The Twitter responses to Mary Cosby’s post were mixed. Some appreciated the apology, eager to move on. However, others called her out for her use of font. One follower replied, “This font choice is a mockery of an apology.

Others pointed out that the apology came a week late.

One fan put the spotlight on Bravo. “Sitting back watching what Bravo will do. Other housewives have been fired for racist remarks,” they wrote.

Neither the network or Bravo executive Andy Cohen have responded to the backlash stemming from the RHOSLC star’s comments.

What do you think about Mary Cosby’s bizarre apology? Do you think the font was unnecessary? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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