‘OutDaughtered’ Riley Busby Spin-Off? Adam Busby Is On Board

Adam Busby/Instagram

Find out why fans are calling for an OutDaughtered spin-off featuring Riley Busby. Plus, why Adam is on board with the idea. Keep reading and we’ll explain.

Has TLC hinted at new season of OutDaughtered?

It’s been over six months since Season 8 of OutDaughtered ended. Fans of the Busbys are eagerly awaiting news from TLC about the fate of the show. While it’s likely TLC will renew OutDaughtered for another season, both the network and the Busby family are keeping mum about it for now.

Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram
Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram

Adam Busby hasn’t been active on social media as much as usual, causing fans to speculate the TLC cameras are rolling. But one fan of the long-running show has an idea what to do if OutDaughtered doesn’t return – a spin-off featuring one of the sextuplets. Why Riley?

Fans want a Riley Busby spin-off

Earlier this week, Adam Busby took to his Instagram to share an increasingly rare photo of three of the quints. The three girls, including Riley, gaze at the Elf of the Shelf’s latest antics.

In the caption, the dad-of-six jokes that while the other girls “appreciate the cute or funny things the elf does,” Riley is different. Dubbing her his “little analyzer,” he guesses that she will have many questions later about how the Elf got tied up in Christmas lights.

Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram
Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram

Uncle Dale replied on Adam Busby’s post, joking that Riley will ask Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant.

One of Adam’s Instagram followers left a comment saying that Riley could have “her own spin-off when she’s older.”

Other fans left comments praising Riley’s skeptical personality. “Aww that precious little girl!! She has such an amazing inquisitive mind!!,” one person wrote. “She will certainly keep you on your toes!,” another wrote.

Adam Busby signs off on idea

Surprisingly, Adam Busby is all for the idea of a Riley spin-off. He replied to the original comment, “Haha. So true!

Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram
Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram

He also replied to Dale’s comment about asking Alexa, revealing that Riley “has already started asking Alexa questions…”

It seems several OutDaughtered viewers would watch a spin-off featuring Riley Busby and her detective skills. Would you watch? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram
Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram

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In the meantime, another super-sized family returns to the network soon. Season 3 of Doubling Down With The Derricos premieres on Tuesday, February 22, 2022.

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