Fans Urge Jim Bob Duggar To Drop Out Of State Senate Race

Duggar Family Instagram (Jim Bob Duggar)

Jim Bob Duggar recently revealed that his run for the vacant Arkansas State Senate seat is still on despite his son Josh’s conviction last week. As you may know, Josh was found guilty of receiving and possessing child pornography. Now, he’s awaiting his sentencing and will spend decades behind bars.

In a tweet on Thursday, December 9, the same day Josh was convicted, Jim Bob revealed he was updating his Ballotpedia page with his vision and goals. This seemed to confirm that he’s still in the race.

Jim Bob announced his run for State Senate shortly before his son’s trial began. This came as a surprise due to the drama going on with the family at that time. Some fans and critics assumed this was a distraction tactic. But now, it looks like Jim Bob is truly following through.

Jim Bob Duggar, TLC

However, on social media, the 19 Kids & Counting patriarch is receiving lots of negative comments. Many users are now urging him to drop out. Others are questioning his values and his political platform given his family’s recent chaos.

Jim Bob Duggar’s fans are appalled by his decision to stay in the race.

As we reported, Jim Bob issued a statement on his son’s guilty verdict on both his family’s blog and his campaign social media pages. In the comments sections of his recent Twitter and Facebook posts, fans and critics are questioning who would vote for him after everything that has happened.

Someone tells him to “withdraw and think about your priorities.” Another adds, “Jim Bob, I think you need to step back, drop out.”

Also on Facebook, Jim Bob is under fire because over 1,000 comments have been deleted from his statement post. However, there are still plenty of negative comments left on the post that haven’t been removed yet. It’s difficult to find any positive comments in response to his recent social media posts.

We’ll have to see what happens with Jim Bob’s campaign and whether he eventually drops out. Based on his social media activity, he doesn’t seem to be backing down.

Jim Bob Duggar for Arkansas Twitter/Facebook

So, do you think it’s wise for Jim Bob Duggar to continue running for Arkansas State Senate? Or do you think it’s time for him to drop out and focus on his family’s ongoing issues? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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