Did Kody Brown Shame Janelle’s Support Of Evie K’s Surgery?

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Kody Brown made it a point on this week’s Sister Wives to say how three out of four wives would be traveling. Yet, he did not specify where they would be going. He acted as if they were taking leisurely irresponsible vacations when it was actually quite the contrary. Meri was leaving on business while Christine and Janelle had very serious family matters to tend to. All the while Kody was focused on the quarantine rules he had set forth for his family.

Kody Brown’s Strict Family Rules

Robyn noted that she is the one who sees Kody the most because she best adheres to his rules. Janelle has even said she follows the CDC regulations. Yet, Kody goes above and beyond these and his kids have reached a breaking point. Many of them grew up very closely together so they cannot understand why they must remain at a distance. The hardest concept, especially for viewers, is Ysabel’s surgery.

Credit: Ysabel Brown via YouTube
Credit: Ysabel Brown via YouTube

She must head to New Jersey with her mother, Christine for serious scoliosis surgery, one that will put her in the ICU. Ysabel desperately wants her father there with her since she will be gone for a total of six weeks, quarantine included. Unfortunately, he does not think he can be away from his family for that long of a time. This is killing Ysabel because she believes he is letting the fear overtake him.

Kody Brown/YouTube
Kody Brown/YouTube

Kody has commented that Christine and Janelle have traveled the most despite him telling them not to. Because of this, he has not been able to see his kids as much as he would like to. He even accused Christine of using the surgery as a way to get a vacation. This was until he knew the extent of Ysabel’s pain. For this week, he mentioned all the wives but Robyn would be out of town. Yes, Christine would be with Ysabel but what about the other two?

Janelle Gives Grandma Love

Meri headed off to celebrate the anniversary of her bed and breakfast while Janelle was off to North Carolina. It was her granddaughter, Evie K.’s first birthday. With that came a major surgery. She was born with FATCO so she was missing some joints, her hand did not have all of its fingers. Furthermore, Maddie and Caleb had to decide what to do about her leg. One was longer than the other. They could go through stretching which required several surgeries or amputate her foot.

Credit: Maddie Brush IG
Credit: Maddie Brush IG

Ultimately, they decided to amputate her foot. Janelle wanted to be there for both her daughter and her granddaughter. She was not just traveling for a fun holiday. Luckily, they were able to work on Evie’s hand and her foot. She came out like a champ and was able to smash her first birthday cake. Seems like a trip well worth it.

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