Return To Amish Credit: Rebecca Schmucker IG

‘Return To Amish’: Mary Schmucker’s Health Has A Long Way To Go

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Fans were shocked when former Return To Amish matriarch Mary Schmucker was rushed to the hospital last month. Luckily, her daughter-in-law, Rebecca was able to give an update soon after. Though she gave everyone quite a scare, Mama Mary was going to be fine. Now, Mary is giving her own health update and it seems she still has some work to do.

Return To Amish Fans Rally Around Mama Mary

When it was revealed Mary was in the hospital, thoughts and prayers poured in. She quickly became a fan favorite as the mother figure for the cast navigating life after going English. Those such as Jeremiah Raber turned to her after leaving then returning home to the Amish world. They were not necessarily sure where their lives would take them but she offered guidance and hope. Mary had been banished from the Amish church so she could somewhat relate to being turned away and shunned.

Return to Amish Mama Mary Schmucker
Breaking Amish Abeandrebecca | Facebook

However, in Season 5, she chose to get back into the church for her husband Chester. That was when Grandma Ada stepped in and took her place. Yet, fans never forgot Mary. Luckily, she had a cookbook and taught recipes on a YouTube channel. She could often be seen on Rebecca Schmucker’s Instagram. Aside from being Mary’s daughter-in-law, she was also her RTA co-star.

Why did Mama Mary Schmucker leave Return to Amish?
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Unfortunately, Mary’s resurgence was in a Facebook posting about her being rushed to a local hospital after losing a lot of blood. She was allegedly taken to the ICU and was apparently being taken to another hospital. A band of tests was being run in order to determine what was wrong but everyone was left worried.

Mama Mary Still Has A Long Road Ahead

Not too long after she was admitted, Mary was released. Rebecca shared an update on her Instagram saying she was home and getting better. She added that they have to watch her to ensure she “takes it easy” as this is seemingly not something Mary is good at. Mama was already back at it, knitting an afghan. Fans were thrilled to know she was home and recuperating.

Credit: Rebecca Schmucker IG
Credit: Rebecca Schmucker IG

Yet, it seems Mary still has a long way to go. She took to her personal Facebook to share her own update. While she admits she is feeling better every day, she also adds she does have “a long way to go.” She also took the time to thank everyone for their prayers. Additionally, Mary let her followers know she has just two cookbooks left she was putting up for bid.

Return to Amish Credit: Mary Schmucker Facebook
Credit: Mary Schmucker Facebook

Her fans were quick to chime in. “Get well soon. Still praying for you,” one commented. Others added they are simply happy she is feeling better. It is great to see the former Return To Amish star on the road to recovery and hope for a continued smooth road ahead. Seems like everyone is cheering for Mama Mary.


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