Jana Duggar Blasted By Amy King For Endangering Children

Amy Duggar King - Jana Duggar Youtube

Jana Duggar was blasted on Instagram by her cousin Amy King this afternoon for endangering children. As we previously reported, news that Jana Duggar faced charges for child endangerment broke following her brother Josh’s guilty verdict being issued. Turns out, Jana Duggar was charged with child endangerment back in September. She has a court date set for next month during which she plans to plead not guilty.

Jana’s cousin Amy King clearly caught wind of the story and didn’t hesitate to fire shots on her Instagram Stories this afternoon.

Jana Duggar - Josie Duggar
Jana Duggar – Josie Duggar

Jana Duggar blasted by cousin Amy King

Amy King shared a sweet photo of her son Daxton chilling in an orange chair while enjoying a little screen time. She included a pretty long caption on her photo. Turns out, she and Daxton had a pretty long day with a lot of fun activities. She listed all of the things she did together with her son in the caption.

According to Amy, she and Daxton spent time jumping on the trampoline, they built huge towers together, and they read some books! Now, the mother and son were unwinding with a little bit of screentime!

It was at the bottom of the photo that she threw a little subtle shade at her cousin Jana Duggar. Amy King penned that one thing she would not be doing — even after a busy day of activities — was falling asleep while watching her son. While it was very subtle, this was her way of throwing shade at Jana for falling asleep while watching children.

Amy Duggar King Screenshot

Who did she fall asleep while watching?

Allegedly, Jana Duggar was helping watch Anna’s children while she stayed with her husband Josh during his trial. Jana Duggar reportedly fell asleep while watching Maryella Hope. The report alleges that Maryella Hope got out of the house because Jana fell asleep and was found in the street. As we previously reported, Jana is pleading not guilty to these charges. Moreover, Counting On fans are having a hard time believing the charges against Jana are even true.

Jana Duggar Instagram
Jana Duggar Instagram

Are you surprised to see Amy King fire shots at Jana Duggar? Are you surprised by the charges against Jana Duggar? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Duggar family.

Allie Johnson


  1. It appears Amy King enjoyed seeing her name in print and the attention she got from Josh Duggar’s trial. Now she is doing her darndest to stay in the limelight by targeting other members of the Duggar family. Be careful what she ask for.

  2. I figured jana was babysitting one of her siblings kids with noone helping her. They put all the pressure of watching all those kids on her no wonder she fell asleep where were the other kids who live there (because none of the teenagers go to school) the other adults who live there (because the women don’t work). They put all those kids on poor jana and now she may be charged for joshs little brat running off. And it’s awful funny this came about after joshs trail. Interesting huh

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