Josh Duggar Found Guilty, Flashes Smug Smirk In New Mug Shot

Anna Duggar Instagram (Josh Duggar Mug Shot)

On Thursday, December 9, Josh Duggar was found guilty, and now we have seen his mug shot. His new mug shot was taken after he was taken into custody and booked into the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. Like he is in his first mug shot, the former 19 Kids & Counting star is smirking smugly once again. Stick around for all of the details on Josh’s conviction and his new mug shot.

In case you didn’t know, Josh was arrested in the spring for receiving and possessing child pornography after a nearly two-year-long federal investigation. His trial began on November 30, and the jury reached a verdict on December 9. The jury deliberated for about four hours on December 8, asked to come back in the morning, and wrapped things up the following morning.

Josh was then put in handcuffs and taken into police custody. He is now awaiting his sentencing, which could take up to four months. His sentence is expected to be up to 20 years in addition to up to $250,000 in fines. For now, there are few updates about what’s next for the eldest Duggar son. However, both his mugshot and booking video are now public. You can find the details of his booking here.

Anna Duggar Instagram (Josh)
Anna Duggar Instagram

See Josh Duggar’s mug shots.

Below, you will see both of Josh’s mug shots. The first one was taken when he was arrested on April 29. The second one is from his booking on December 9 after he was found guilty.

In the first snap, Josh has a noticeable smirk on his face. At the time, fans and critics were shocked to see his expression. But the second photo is more shocking, fans and critics think. He looks like he’s actually smiling in the most recent mug shot. His teeth are showing too.

Josh Duggar Mugshot, Washington County Sheriff's Office
Josh Duggar Mugshot, Washington County Sheriff’s Office

Josh will remain at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office until sentencing, which could take up to four months. He could spend up to 20 years behind bars and pay up to $250,000 in fines per count. For now, fans and critics will have to wait and see what happens to Josh going forward.

So, can you believe that Josh Duggar is smiling in his new mug shot? What do you expect to happen next with the Duggar family? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Be sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggars.

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  1. So I completely understand the reaction of what Joshua did. But I condone it completely. Why because one of the things child molester tell their victims especially if it is a person that the victim loves like a family in member in is. If you say anything you will put me in prison or they will say bad things about you and me. They will blame you . most of the comments have been about Joshua. But here’s the thing most children molested are molested by a family member . So please stop it. All your doing is proving the treat the child molester makes.

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