Duggar Family Reacts To Josh’s Guilty Verdict

Duggar family (KW Josh Duggar)

What did the Duggar family say or do in response to the news that Josh was found guilty? His child pornography trial began on Tuesday, November 30, and wrapped up on Thursday, December 9.

For those who may not know, Josh was arrested this spring after a year-and-a-half-long investigation. Disgusting content, which allegedly included the abuse of an infant, was downloaded and traced back to his IP address at his car lot.

During his trial, various members of the Duggar family made appearances in court. Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth showed up for several sessions. Derick Dillard was there almost every day, and Jill showed up once too. Anna Duggar, Josh’s wife, was there every day. While walking into the courthouse, she held her husband’s hand.

Anna Duggar Instagram (Josh Duggar)
Anna Duggar Instagram

The Duggar family reacts to news of a guilty verdict.

Very few Duggars were in court on Thursday morning. Since the trial began new members of the family have been appearing at the courthouse. It’s unclear why so few of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids were present on Thursday.

Shortly after the jury began deliberating on Thursday, they reached a verdict. Josh was declared guilty and immediately taken into custody.

According to The Sunthe Duggar family had several reactions to the guilty verdict Josh received. Josh was reportedly “teary-eyed but not crying” and remained “solemn.” He then told Anna that he loves her as he was taken into custody. When he was handcuffed, he had tears in his eyes.

After the verdict was read, Jim Bob hugged Anna. The Sun reports that Anna looked “stoic.”

Justin Duggar and his wife, Claire Spivey, were in the courtroom. Justin reportedly cried and was emotional when the guilty verdict was read.

Hilary Spivey, Claire’s mother, and David Waller, Anna’s brother-in-law, were there as well.

As the family left the courthouse, they walked very quickly and didn’t say anything to the reporters standing outside. They all got into a large SUV and drove off.

Derick made a statement to Peoplesaying, “We just wanted to, among other things, see the facts for ourselves. America is the best country to get justice.”


It’s possible that more reactions will come out via social media. At this point, no one has issued a statement on Josh’s crimes and a guilty verdict.

So, what do you think of the Duggar family’s reactions to Josh Duggar’s arrest? Does it shock you that he is guilty, or were you expecting this? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below. For more news about the Counting On family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. I feel sorry for Anna now having to raise the children on her own. I’m sure the Duggar family will assist.

    Josh should rot in hell. He is sick and his mother and father did nothing to help him.

  2. finally. he’s been protected by his parents & hiding behind his religion & their two faced religious bullshit since he molested his sisters i hope he is terrified.

  3. I feel sorry for the whole family, poor little kids no dad he truly needs help but is prison the answer? i:m not god, The family need to stand together now they need support from each other and Anna needs their love and support and help with her children may god bless them in a mighty way

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