Why Isn’t ‘Bringing Up Bates’ Airing On UPtv Right Now?

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Bringing Up Bates fans are looking for an update on their favorite show. On social media, fans have been commenting and asking why the show isn’t airing on UPtv.

For some reason, the show isn’t on the schedule any time soon. Previously, old episodes would air regularly on UPtv. So, fans are looking for answers and also want to know how they can watch episodes.

As we reported before, the Bates family was under fire for an insensitive video that was posted online during a family gathering. Fans feared that the show might be canceled as a result. However, it looks like the show will be continuing anyway.

Bates Family Instagram (Bringing Up Bates)
Bates Family Instagram

How to Watch Bringing Up Bates

If you’re looking for a way to watch the Bates family’s show right now, you can find it on the UP Faith & Family streaming service. You can find Seasons 1-10 there.

The streaming service is accessible from a web browser, as well as from the app. You can download the app on iOS smartphones and tablets, Google smartphones and tablets, Roku, fireTV, Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox, and Samsung TV.

To watch Bringing Up Bates, you will need to pay for a subscription to the streaming service, which costs $5.99 per month (billed monthly) or $4.49 per month (billed annually). With a subscription, you will get access to all of the Bringing Up Bates episodes, as well as many other shows. UP Faith & Family also offers a free two-week trial.

When does the new season begin?

Fortunately, the Bates family will return to UPtv very soon. The show has been renewed for its 11th season and will be premiering on Thursday, February 10 at 9/8c. There are lots of important family moments to catch up on during the upcoming season. So, fans have a lot to look forward to. There are always new babies being born, romances beginning, and much more.

This has been an especially busy year for the Bates family with several little ones joining the family over the summer. Plus, there were two weddings – Nathan and Esther tied the knot in October, and Katie and Travis got married in December. Who knows what else might be featured in the new season?

So, are you looking forward to the Season 11 premiere of Bringing Up Bates? Have you noticed the show hasn’t been on UPtv recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. For more Bates family news, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. I am so tired of this cancel culture! I see much more offensive junk on all the other channels. Just give me a break!!! If UP cancels the Bates I will cancel UP TV!!!

  2. I love watching this show. It’s ashame that we have to pay to watch old episodes now. It seems like all these channels are now wanting you to pay more to watch the shows you love.

  3. I really like the love
    That Gil and Kelly Jo give
    those youngins of theirs. That family is a tight knit group and they respect each other. I am grateful to watch a program without all the negative and deceitful stuff on it.

  4. I dont understand why uptv.took them off quite letting people bulling you !! They are a godly family alot better in some of the trach ! That shows in tv these days and it better come back to the reg. Channel uptv.

  5. Why did UP not let their viewers know they were going to take this off the air. I can see maybe worry about the upcoming season but why the reruns. I agree that we are too quick to cancel before getting all the facts. I wonder if Up is doing this to push everyone to their streaming service as they are constantly advertising it. Please bring back the re runs this show and family are the only positive program on TV anymore and people make mistakes. That is why I love this show they show their true selves and apologize and learn from them. I am not paying for a streaming service. Bring them back! We need more programs like this one on TV.

  6. I have not watched uptv since they stopped airing reruns. I will return once season 11 starts. That’s the only show that I watch on that channel.

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