‘The Bachelor’ Clayton Echard Admits Falling In Love With Three Women

Clayton Echard as 'The Bachelor' via Instagram

It looks like the upcoming season of The Bachelor featuring Clayton Echard will have tons of drama. There will of course be drama from the ladies on the season as there is every year. However, Clayton is also going to cause some drama as he admits to falling for three different women. Plus, he also admits to being intimate with multiple women. What exactly is Clayton saying? Keep reading to find out more. Warning! Potential spoilers ahead!

The Bachelor Clayton Echard in love with three women?

Fans were concerned the upcoming season of The Bachelor with Clayton Echard could be boring. However, it appears from new previews it will be anything but boring. Many fans were also vowing to boycott his season because they weren’t sure he was deserving of the role. The main objective for The Bachelor is to find love and it seems Clayton did. In fact, he admits to falling in love with three women.

The ABC preview revealed Clayton kissing multiple women and having the time of his life. The show took the cast on adventures around the globe. Traveling is back after being suspended due to the pandemic.

Clayton via Instagram
Clayton via Instagram

During the preview, Clayton had a voiceover saying, “I’m a Midwest boy from Missouri that just wants to find love and I can’t wait to get married and have kids. I believe more than anything that my future wife is here. These women are phenomenal at this point. How much luckier can one man get?” The 28-year-old continued saying,  “I know The One is in here, I know she is. They all are perfect in their own ways. I didn’t believe it could happen but I am in love with three women.”

However, that’s not all. The preview actually reveals Clayton telling the three women he’s falling in love with them. But, it gets even more dramatic.

The final two

The preview takes an even more dramatic turn as it reveals Clayton standing before two women which appears to be the final two. In the preview, he says to these two ladies, “I just want you to know that what I am about to say is not going to be easy to hear. I want to be fully, fully transparent and I know it’s not easy to hear but I was intimate with both of you.”

The preview cuts to the women sobbing. Voiceovers indicate that Clayton also told the women he’s in love with three of them. One lady can be heard saying he’s in love with three of us.

So, the mystery remains, who will Clayton end up with?

It looks to be an intense season for sure.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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