‘Survivor’ Cagayan’s Spencer Is Trending On Reddit For All The Wrong Reasons…

Spencer Survivor
Nick Davis

In 2014 we got Survivor: Cagayan (AKA Brains vs. Beauty vs. Brawn). One of the most popular of the more recent Survivor seasons amongst die-hard fans. You can predicate that popularity entirely on the season’s cast. From the newest two-time winner of the game Tony to the infamous rice-burner J’tia, to the hilariously laid-back Woo, and at least half a dozen others. This season was carried by an iconic group of people who played off of each other like a dangerous chemical reaction in the best way possible. One of those players was Spencer Bledsoe.

Spencer stuck in viewers’ minds as someone whose snark and cocky behavior was only redeemed by his ability to back it up with a legitimate strategy and physical gameplay. Gameplay that got him remarkably close to that million-dollar prize. Twice. He hasn’t been so active in the Survivor scene since his last appearance on Survivor: Second Chance, but recently resurfaced with a new name and some controversial new opinions.

Spencer AKA Reiman

Recently Spencer has been going by a new name: Reiman. He said it’s formerly his middle name and he likes the way it sounds more than his original primary name. He also mentioned how it makes him feel more connected to his extended family. But he said he doesn’t mind being called either Reiman or Spencer. 

Recently he’s been running a blog under this new name. It talks about everything from mental and spiritual health to alternative medicine. An unexpected turn for a guy whose personality seemed rooted in skepticism and cynicism in his time on television.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with his recent focus turning inward, some of his opinions on the current COVID epidemic have resulted in some Survivor fans calling him out. Which prompted an AMA (Ask Me Anything, like a digital interview where fans ask the questions) on the show’s subreddit that did not go particularly smoothly.

Spencer Bledsoe
Spencer Bledsoe

A Reddit AMA To Remember

For anyone who doesn’t know, Reddit works via a kind of democratic voting system. Anything that’s posted or commented can receive upvotes or downvotes from other users based on how much they enjoy what you posted. For the most part, it’s easy for famous people doing AMAs to rack up a lot of upvotes. Because they have a lot of fans who will appreciate anything they say. Especially if it’s a direct response to a question they asked. AMAs are a good way to get right in the thick of it and have, more or less, personal interactions with your fans.

Having said all this, the downvotes were flying during Reiman’s AMA. Pretty much any COVID-19 related comment he posted was met with hundreds of downvotes. It seemed like the more he tried to dig himself out or justify his past comments, the deeper the hole got. It ended with the subreddit becoming a mess of Reiman-related memes that are certain to keep popping up for the next couple of weeks.

If there’s a lesson for Reiman to learn here it’s this: Keep focusing on your mental health. It’s so very important. But, also, maybe listen to a doctor’s advice at the same time.

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